First wanderings… in Bangkok

After checking in to our hostel we were ready ….. to SSLLLEEEEPPP!!! We wandered Khao San Road, staring for dangerously long periods at the foreign sights in the busy street, bumping into most passers-by. After minimal wandering we hit the sack & passed out for a healthy 16 hours of sleep. Nicky doesn’t believe in jet lag … naive strikes as an apt word! The next morning we felt slightly more adventurous & went in search of a ‘tuk tuk’ driver... Read More

I almost got punched by a 14 yr. old

Let me paint you a picture… Long day in Bangkok, walking around in HEAT getting heckled by people on every street buy this, eat this, tuk-tuk ride here… & it’s was definitely approaching beer’oclock time. We settle down in a bar have a few pints of Chang beer, (which can I add is 6% alcohol)! & this almost cute Thai boy comes up to us with flowers, and guess what? You guessed it, he wants our money. The Thumb War   the Kid tells Rhys: “Come... Read More

Visa… what?!?

Touchdown in Bangkok, & the adventures begin!!!… or, as the case may be… touchdown in Bangkok, get talking to a half-wit & spend a ridiculous & unnecessarily long time in the freakin’ airport! Visa my ass Matt! You pick up things fast on this travelling malarkey, but some lessons are learnt the hard way.  Despite having done our own research & being fully aware that we did NOT need a tourist visa before entering Thailand, we decided to take... Read More

Thighs of Steel

hellooo FROM BANGKOK, OR SHALL I SAY SAW-A-DEE-KA? a long 48 hours after leaving NYC, I am finally here, awake, functional, and freaking loving it!  First experience with this new Asian lifestyle… Yesterday, we had a lay over in Mumbai, India, and I’m thinking sweet, stretch the legs a bit, go to the bathroom in a toilet where I don’t bump my head against the freaking walls of the airplane… good deal, right? I walk in the bathroom and it looks... Read More

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