Bigger, Brighter World (Amaris Lasik)

Thank you Korea for affordable health. Since living here I’ve had: My teeth cleaned & fluoride treatment (I had not been to the dentist in years because it’s too damn expensive at home!)  I actually went to the doctor when I was sick. Weird, right? It cost me $2.00 unlike  my $40.00 co-payment in America. I’ve been prescribed medicine and I can pick it up for $1.00. Same meds at home cost will over $30.00. I don’t have any armpit hair. Jealous ladies?... Read More

Korean Kids Say the Darnest Things

A list of the things my students say to me…. only things that would be said by Korean students, of course. For one of my classes the kids were making up their own Harry Potter Spells and Potions. One boy made up a spell called, “Kill All the Japs.” The girl students always ask, “Teacher, why is your hair yellow and mine black?” Rhys had his students tell him, “Your arms are like Ostrich Eggs!” In class we were playing Categories,... Read More

Korea’s Highest Bungee Jump

Bungee Jumping … is nothing that I’ve had my heart set on doing… ever. I can’t even look over the edge of a bridge without my stomach getting queasy, so the thought of making myself jump off a bridge isn’t very musing for me. But, when your friends with the Bruce Brothers (2 adrenaline junkie Kiwi’s) anything can happen, and bungee jumping it was. We made the trip out to Jechon for Korea’s Highest Bungee Jump. A 203ft (62m) platform... Read More

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