Our Top 10 Indian Experiences

  Our Top 10 Experiences in India   10. Floating on a small canoe past the burning bodies at the crowded ghats of the mighty Ganges River.   Every fire is a different cremation… 9. Taking our first steps onto the luxurious houseboat, floating on beautiful Dal Lake surrounded by mountains & silence.   Gazing out onto gorgeous Dal Lake 8. Jungle Johnnie’s slice of paradise, indulging in western comforts,visiting the elephant camp, and the hospitality... Read More

Photostory: Faces of India

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Photo Friday: Yak in Black

A yak stands silhouetted in the early morning sun We woke up early to start our trek to Mt. Everest leaving the bustling little town of Namche Bazaar. On our walk out of town this yak caught our eye, standing tall above us facing the mighty Mt. Everest with the morning sun distinguishing its figure in a stunning silhouette.  Read More

The Beautifully Dirty Ganges

India never let me down, wherever I turned, everyday I spent there– I witnessed the most shocking sites, and Varanasi certainly didn’t let me down. Thanks to the The Ganges. The holiest, dirtiest, most-used river in the world. A whole lot of titles to claim for one very brown river! The walk along the riverside ghats or the short canoe ride past the ghats is unreal. At one ghat women and men are busy beating their clothes clean, piles of clothes surrounding them,... Read More

ONLY in India…!

India is a country that stands out all on its own. It felt more like visiting Mars to me than a place on planet Earth. It’s colorful. The people have huge personalities. The lack of hygiene. Anything goes. We would stop, stare, jaw-dropped open, gawk, point, and never believe our eyes or the sites, sounds, and smells around us. When I say anything goes, I mean ANYTHING. We were the ONLY wide-eyed, bewildered looking fools around. To the rest of the country its daily life,... Read More

Ajanta Caves: Ancient Artistry

  They will crumble your concept of time… if only for a brief respite from India’s current craziness! The artistry & craftsmanship on show at Ajanta is unbelievable, especially considering the time period they were created in. The caves date back to the 2nd century BC, with construction continuing until around the 7th century AD. In all, there are 27 caves, similar in some respects, contrasting in others, but each & every one is worth at least a quick... Read More

Photo Friday: Sapphire Smiles

  Cute kids in Varanasi with a brush of blue   Children in India LOVE having their photo taken… & we loved taking their photo! In Varanasi we came across a group of kids in the street who were all rather excited we had a camera.With the small streets & vibrant colors of Varanasi as a backdrop we enjoyed their photoshoot as much as they did.    Read More

CouchSurfing with Jungle Johnnie!

  At the elephant camp, with the Ultimate Host!   Backpacking in India is hard. There’s nothing easy about it. The travel is intense with hours and hours spent sweating in old cars bumping down flooded streets, or sitting in cramped trains with families of 15 sharing your seat with you. After weeks of living on ‘edge’, always on guard, fighting to keep my rupees in my pocket and not in the hands of greedy men– it was time for a break. We needed a... Read More

Photo Friday: Heavenly Hampi

  Clouds roll by the fallen Hindu capital of Hampi   Hampi… an elegant ancient Hindu capital of Southern India, rich in culture dating back to the 1300’s. We spent the day cruising around on push bikes, exploring the city’s ruins, biking past banana farms, old Hindu temples, picturesque palaces & the gigantic boulders that dominate the natural scenery. There was a laid-back vibe to this once booming city & the vivid colours were impressive,…... Read More

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