Vietnam_English_School of North America

Vietnam_English_School of North America

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  1. Wayne Hatfield says:

    How was working at this school? I’ve just been offered a job there, but have little info as to what it’s really like. My main questions are ” was the school honest?” and “was working there a pleasant experience?”.

    Thanks for your help.


  2. Amanda Tarpley says:

    I have been offered a job at this school and would like to know more about the school. Please tell me all about it:)

  3. viola mocorro says:

    please help me i want to work as a Pre – school teacher im from the Philippines, can you help me im also a Teacher in High School. Im Viola S. Mocorro im from Manila, Philippines. I have all my credentials if you need them all thank you very much.

    • Nicky says:

      Your best chance would be to come to Saigon with a stack of resumes and hand them out. Places do not like to hire workers without them already here, your chances of being hired are far greater. I have friends here that are from the Philippines and have found jobs teaching. Good Luck!

  4. viola mocorro says:

    if they need also a teacher in Korea i want to work also if there is a job available for me for this country please help me thank you very much.

  5. Tricia Mitchell says:

    I love that when I googled School of North America, your blog is the first link to show up!! So cool!! Miss you guys!

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