The Land of Coconuts: Vietnam’s Mekong Delta

Blue Skies, Paddling down the Mekong-- Couldn't get better! As soon as we had the chance– we jumped on it, it was time for a weekend getaway! After the craziness of job hunting, apartment hunting, and shopping for motorbikes we wanted a weekend away from the chaos of motorbikes and Saigon. Rhys was itching for a motorbike trip on his ass-kicking, old school, 1988 Honda Win. We heard so much buzz about the beauty in the Mekong Delta area and decided to take a road trip... Read More

Photo Friday: A Starlit Sunset Over The Gower

  Beautiful sunset on a crisp winter’s day at the Gower   This photo was taken on a cold day in Wales, looking out over Caswell Bay. Rhys and I went for a stroll along the coast to explore the remains of an old, decrepit castle next to Langaland Golf Club. The sunset was stunning, with the light dancing across the frigid waters below.    Read More

Saigon Cooking Class

The 2 A+ students with our Cooking Master What better way to acclimate yourself with a new culture than diving into its cuisine?! Vietnamese food is fresh, sweet, and full of flavor. Every meal is a treat and what’s even better, most meals here cost less than $2.oo! My neighbor from Korea (whom I love so much!) came to stay for a week, so we decided to try our luck in one of Saigon’s many cooking classes. We thought we might as well get a bit of culture, try our luck... Read More

Travel in India: The Inconvenient Truth

Travel is awesome. It’s an experience, it’s an education. BUT!… it’s not always fun & games… particularly in India! There is no arguing that the subcontinent offers some of the world’s greatest sights & experiences, but India also throws up some difficult challenges that might have you questioning if it’s all worth it?! Culture shock may need to take on a new name in India because it is another world! But if you’re prepared... Read More

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