Photo Friday: A Castle in the Countryside



Carreg Cennen Castle - Wales

Carreg Cennen Castle perched atop far-reaching fields


Castles & countryside are Wales’ bread & butter with scenes similar to this dotted all across the country. This photo was taken on a cold crisp morning (also infamous in Wales!) looking out over the rural riches from Carreg Cennen near Llandeilo. We had a great time exploring the castle (including the cave!) & taking in the scenery from Carreg Cennen’s lofty location.

The drive there was equally impressive,… though you’ll be happy of breakdown cover out in the sticks of West Wales’ quiet countryside!



4 Responses to “Photo Friday: A Castle in the Countryside”
  1. Alexander Zilo says:

    Breathtaking view and exquisite scope of works.

  2. helen williams says:

    carreg cennen is one of my favourite places, unfortunately however i now have a life time ban thanks to a visit a while ago with my husband and two (pillars of the community) teachers. we got into an arguement with a lady who wanted us to pay to walk along the right of way, she ended up chasing us back to our car and taking our number plate, even though my husband offered his name and address. when i visit again i might have to go in disguise

    • Nicky says:

      Wow! We were the only people around when we went there. It is a really beautiful castle, but you’re spoiled in Wales with amazing castles everywhere you look!

    • Rhys says:

      It is pretty expensive Helen! I was considering sneaking passed the cafe myself!

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