Ubud: Did Eat, Pray, Love get it right?

UBUD. Oooh- boo’d.

After setting foot in Kuta for a sleepless night with club music blasting through our room’s walls we needed to ride far away from Kuta, drunk Australian boys, and clubs. Ubud couldn’t have been more ideal. You’re probably thinking Eat, Pray, Love, meditation and all that sappy Elizabeth Gilbert talk of falling in love in Bali—- and I hate to admit, but she’s right. (You can even meet the healer Wayan from the book, but I heard it was a let down of a trip to visit him though!)

Ubud is a sleepy little town set in the middle of a dense Balinese jungle. The town is immediately surrounded by rice terraces with the jungle reaching out on its sides. At every turn the town invites you to get lost wandering around the artsy streets gawking at the local art, or going on a little adventure jumping from rice terrace to rice terrace snapping picture of the exotic plants or photogenic kids working in the fields. The locals are full of smiles despite the constant stream of wide-eyed tourists taking in the beauty of their hometown.

We spent a few days hidden away in our very own 2 storey bungalow. Can I say that again? OUR VERY OWN 2 STOREY bungalow. I’m used to living in sheds, barns, and rooms that haven’t been cleaned in months when we travel… but in Ubud we lucked out with our very own bungalow! Complete with a kitchen, outdoor shower, and fish pond. It was in the middle of a lush, green rice paddy with palm trees and colorful flowers staring at us from every direction. Para-para-para-Paradise.  We were floored by the beauty all around us. I’m not just saying that to say it either, it was actually that beautiful that you had to keep pinching yourself to believe how lucky you were, on that day, in that exact moment, to be right there in a beautiful bungalow lost somewhere in a Balinese rice field.

The bungalow we found tucked away in a rice field was a 5 minute drive past the city center. It was called Londo Bungalows, highly recommed staying there! We paid $22/night, which is more than we typically spend on accomodation traveling in Asia but really WORTH it. We rented a bike in Kuta and took to the road for a week around the island. Ubud was an easy 1.5 hour drive from Kuta, I also highly recommend renting a motorbike to do your trip and not having to rely on public transportation!


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  1. I bet it was nice to upgrade your accommodations for a little while!

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