Munduk: One Homestay, One Amazing View

After our horrific experience with the mountain mafia at Mt. Batur we both really needed to be picked up by the Balinese and shown that ‘hey, that was just some crazy town– but the rest of us are pretty great!’

The town of Munduk accompanied with Kadek the owner of the guesthouse we stayed at did just that for us, and some.

100% if you go to Munduk you’ve got to stay at One Homestay with Kadek, the man can do it all! It is a one man show at his guesthouse and it’s all up to him. He’s an awesome chef (he cooked us some of the best food we had our entire time in Bali!), the maid, the reciptionist, and your tour guide for a day of trekking around Munduk’s endless maze of fields.

No funny business, we arrived asked how much a room was and there were no games and haggling needed. He offered us a fair price and it was simple. The guesthouse is more of a homestay (hence the name) there are only two basic rooms and the homestay overlooks his family temple. We got the chance to learn a lot about Bali’s take on Hinduism and even played some Baliense instruments and sang along with his family down the road.

Not to mention the VIEW IS INCREDIBLE. The entire house looks out over hundreds of fields farming everything from coffee and rice to tropical fruits and cloves. The fields are perfectly tiered on top of each other with palm trees dotted around. Volcanoes jolt up in the back drop with clouds dancing around their craters. I couldn’t get over the view it was so stunning, it was honestly something out of a movie! We spent our first night sitting on the deck with a bottle of wine gazing at the stars, overjoyed to be miles and miles away from the mafia men in the sancturay of Munduk’s beauty and Kadek’s One Homestay. Finally, some luck was on our side!



View from One Homestay


Kadek took off the apron and laced up his hiking boots the next morning and took us all over Munduk. We were jumping from field to field and he was telling us all there was to know about the vast number of crops grown there. They literally grow EVERYTHING. Every type of tropical fruit imaginable, coffee, cocoa, rice, cloves, avocado, tapioca and herbs like ginger and lemon grass. The rich volcanic soil mixed with the tropical climate makes it a great place for crops to grow.

Munduk is so charming because it’s away from everything. No starbucks, bars, resturants, ATMs, or internet shops. It finds its own charm in the smiling locals, quiet evenings, and calming nature of the town, fields, and volcanoes surrounding it.



If you’d like to check out One Homestay and Kadek (see if you can find the sign I drew on the back of a postcard and left him!):, mobile: +62 896 7616 1225



3 Responses to “Munduk: One Homestay, One Amazing View”
  1. w says:

    Hi nicky,

    im thinking of staying with Kadek at One homestay,

    however i can’t seem to find his location on google maps. tripadvisor says selawu street, but google maps show no such street.

    although i could always ask taxi drivers/locals when i reach there, i just wanna check google maps to be sure of its location.

    do you think you could help by describing how i could find it on google maps?

    many thanks in advance!


    • Rhys says:

      To be honest, google maps is quite bad for a lot of smaller roads in Bali. But Munduk is very easy to navigate. I didn’t notice road names much, but there’s just one main road which everything is on. One Homestay is a small left turn off the road after two other bungalows. It’s signposted & I would imagine taxi drivers will know it as there aren’t many accommodation options in the village. Hope you have a blast there!!

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