Unusual But Useful Travel Gadgets

It’s always difficult to know what to pack, & to buy for long-term travel plans. Here are our ‘Top 5’ travel gadgets that you may not have thought of. They’re all a little less obvious than other travel gadget companions, but equally as useful. Flexible Tripod This inventive little tripod is genius! It’s small but strong, flexible yet stable. It does the same job as a regular tripod, but even better… you can wrap the legs around anything... Read More

Photo Friday: Colorful Sunset on Carabao

      We snuck away from the party scene at Boracay for a few lazy nights at the neighboring island, Carabao. The sunset was one of the most impressive sunsets we’ve ever seen. The sky kept changing every few minutes starting with a bright pink until eventually the darkness of night mixed with the last of the sun’s orange rays long enough for me to take this shot!      Read More

Homestay in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta

A trip to the Mekong Delta is one of the best things you can do when visiting Vietnam. Except, most travelers go to one of the dozens of travel agencies in the backpacker’s district and pay too much for a trip that makes you feel like you’re apart of herd of cattle being roped from one place to the next. We’ve been to the Delta a few times and have finally figured out the secret to the BEST TRIP you can take there! The answer is, Phuoc and his family’s... Read More

Guest Post: Unusual Activities in London during the Olympics

London as with many other capital cities plays host to a number of weird and wonderful experiences which are usually reserved for the locals ‘in the know’. This guide will highlight some unusual activities you can experience in London during the Olympics games this summer. Keep your cool If you need to find shelter during the warmer summer weather, but still keep things sporty, then why not climb the Saab ice wall. Forget iced lattes, a fully functional wall of ice inside... Read More

Living on the Edge

Life is all about the adventure! This summer we’re quitting our jobs in Vietnam and hitting the road once again. We’ve been ‘settled’ for over a year while teaching in Saigon, and we’re both feeling the itch to travel again. I’ve been all over Asia, and shamefully with my head hung low– have yet to see most of my motherland, the US of A. Things are about to change. We’re renting a car and hitting the Pacific Coastal highway, (just... Read More

Bali by Motorbike: The Route

We arrived in Bali with a week to take in the sights & sounds of this world renowned island. We’d usually spend longer exploring such a distinguished destination, but WORK limited us to a weekend to weekend trip (BOO!). We decided the best way to tackle Bali was by motorbike, giving us complete freedom & ease to move around. Bali is more expensive than other South East Asian destinations, so we were on the lookout for Bali deals. Here was our plan of action, blitzing... Read More

7 Experiences that made us ask, “Why Do We Travel Again?!”

Travel isn’t always so fun loving and carefree. Between all of the beautiful places you visit and smiling faces you meet there are countless hours spent on planes, trains, buses, horrific bathroom experiences, and situations that make you think, “Is traveling worth it?”, “Maybe it’s time to go home?” But than the next day we’ll meet some extraordinary person or visit an amazing city we’ve never been too and remember why we’ve... Read More

Photo Friday: Smiles in the Philippines

If I could I would have taken her home with me! We were on the island of Carabao in the Philippines. Not too many foreigners go to Carabao, and a group of girls were very curious about us. They followed us around as we wandered from beach to beach checking out the beauty of the island. They were all smiles and loved modeling for silly photos.  You can acutally see me in her eyes, squatting down to take her picture!  Read More

Saigon’s Nightlife: Our Top 10 Bars

Life as an expat in Saigon to put it simply… is awesome. People living here are so spoiled with the bars, restaurants, and clubs. Most people traveling here get stuck in the bright lights, cheap booze, and party scene at Pham Ngu Lao. Which is GREAT, we’ve spent plenty of nights drowning away in buckets in the backpacker’s district… but here’s a list of some other great bars around district 1 that are worth checking out and going beyond the bumping... Read More

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