Unusual But Useful Travel Gadgets

It’s always difficult to know what to pack, & to buy for long-term travel plans. Here are our ‘Top 5’ travel gadgets that you may not have thought of. They’re all a little less obvious than other travel gadget companions, but equally as useful.

Flexible Tripod

This inventive little tripod is genius! It’s small but strong, flexible yet stable. It does the same job as a regular tripod, but even better… you can wrap the legs around anything & snap away.

Flexible Tripod

Electronic Cigarette

These are great for social smokers looking to stay away from harmful real cigarettes (which are usually much MORE harmful in less developed countries!)… Or to get through those long stressful journeys when conventional smoking is prohibited!

Electronic Cigarettes

Headphone Splitter

If you’re travelling in a pair like us, a headphone splitter can make all those long journeys all the more bearable. Watching movies, or just listening to music together, just seems better sometimes!

Headphone Splitter

3-Way Socket Adapter

A very practical choice for travellers, especially if you have a lot of electronic devices. There’s nothing worse than needing to charge your dead ipod, ipad, camera, laptop, phone…. but only ONE mains socket!

3 Way Socket


USB SD Card Reader

It’s always such a hassle to get photos off your camera when your travelling. Your usually using a machine built in the 80s & you don’t want to waste all day installing drivers to read your camera as well as copying the files! This simple, small device has helped us avoid those problems & speed up the process

USB SD Card Reader

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  1. thorsaurus says:

    I have a flexible tripod. I use it for my Olympus and my sighting glass. I love it! Good choices.

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