Guest Post: Underrated Adventure Destinations to Visit this Year

Planning a vacation for this year? Why spend your time and money fighting throngs of tourists when you can visit some of the world’s best adventure destinations just off the beaten path? Sure, the tourist traps can be fun, but why do something that everyone else is doing? Where is your sense of adventure? Check out these underrated adventure destinations for your next getaway. These places may be less appreciated, but offer a whole lot more to curious travellers than your average... Read More

Christmas in the Philippines

It was our first white Christmas, without any snow, but sand! We jetsetted to Boracay, Philippines for a week of relaxing, boozing, and fun. Boracay is the Koh Phangan (minus the buckets of liquor!) of the Philippines, where foreigner travelers come to party all night long. Boracay’s claim to fame is it’s 4km stretch of white beach. It ranks in many top travel magazines as one of the best beaches in the world. The sand really is SO WHITE and the water is SO CLEAR. However,... Read More

Exploring Vietnam’s Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels definitely tops the list of things for tourists to do when visiting Saigon. Brief History: A lot of the war was fought at the Cu Chi tunnels. It was one of South Vietnam’s last standing defenses against the North. Cu Chi is roughly 1.5 hours from Saigon city center, where the south army had their government. Viet Cong (people who lived in the South, but fought for the North) built the impressive network of tunnels over 20 years! Six villages lived under ground... Read More

Guest Post: Checking out cheap holidays in Turkey

Families, couples, individuals and groups of friends from the UK are all blessed when it comes to excellent holiday options, whatever kind of trip they’re looking for. The coastal regions and the islands around the Mediterranean are undeniably awesome places to spend a week or so in the sun but when it comes to cheap holidays Turkey has a massive amount to offer as well. The beaches around the Turkish Riviera are every bit as impressive as those around the Balearic Islands,... Read More

Guest Post: The Diamond Jubilee: How Are You Celebrating?

The weekend of 2-5 June marks the start of the celebrations surrounding our Queen’s Diamond Jubliee. Tourists and UK residents alike will be flooding to the capital in attempt to capture a piece of Great British history. Travelodge have great offers on hotels in London, offering convenient access to the main event areas this June. Residents in the UK who are lucky enough to have been chosen at random to attend The Diamond Jubilee concert on 4 June 2012 will be in need of... Read More

Guest Post: Uncovering Real Majorca

Majorca holidays are famous for partying, beaches and shopping: so much so that the island’s other charms often get forgotten about. There’s more to Majorca than what meets the eye, however, and if you’re willing to venture beyond the safety of the resorts you’ll uncover a wealth of hidden treasures. The first of Majorca’s hidden treats might seem like the least hidden thing about the island, but for all its size many people never take the time to really appreciate... Read More

Philippines: Carabao Island

After a few days on the beautiful white beach in Boracay (mobbed with travelers!), we wanted a few days of quiet and leave the mobs of tourists to their booming music. We literally went on google maps, zoomed in on Boracay and looked for the next closest island to run away too. To the north of Boracay there is a sleepy little island, that no pokes at and is virtually untouched by the money and flashing lights in Boracay. The lovely little island of Carabao. There are 2 or 3 guest... Read More

Photostory: Bali

A brief photo story of our motorbike journey around Indonesia’s famous island, Bali.   /* Pause Play Play Prev | Next  Read More

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