Guest Post: Uncovering Real Majorca

Majorca holidays are famous for partying, beaches and shopping: so much so that the island’s other charms often get forgotten about. There’s more to Majorca than what meets the eye, however, and if you’re willing to venture beyond the safety of the resorts you’ll uncover a wealth of hidden treasures.

The first of Majorca’s hidden treats might seem like the least hidden thing about the island, but for all its size many people never take the time to really appreciate it. The Sierra de Tramuntana Mountains are 1,400 metres high and tower over the island, making them an amazing destination for a bit of hiking. Along the way you’ll find picturesque villages such as Deia and Soller tucked into the mountainside and get stunning views over the water (and the crowded beaches below).

Your next stop on your Majorca mystery tour should be the Cabrera Archipelago Marine National Park. Located entirely on the island’s stunning coastal waters, the National Park’s tour will take you to secret coves and the historic ‘Goat island’ archipelago where prisoners were held during the Napoleonic wars. You can either stay with the tour and meet the island’s many different breeds of fish and catch a glimpse of dolphins, or break with the group and enjoy a hike around the island. Either way, you’re guaranteed a good time.

If you prefer dry land, Majorca is home to a number of stunning ancient castles and ruins. The Castell d’Alaro situated near the town of Alaro is ruined, but beautiful, and the walk up to it is one of the island’s most popular with tourists and locals alike. Likewise, the hike to the ruins of the Castell del Rei is a favourite with Pollenca’s locals. To see a truly stunning example of Majorca’s historic castles, try Palma’s Bellver castle. This circular castle is one of the few remaining in Europe and is truly a sight to behold.

Majorca may be a popular holiday destination with some for its more obvious charms, but this Mediterranean haven has plenty to offer those willing to overlook its more tourist-targeted attractions.

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