Guest Post: Checking out cheap holidays in Turkey

Families, couples, individuals and groups of friends from the UK are all blessed when it comes to excellent holiday options, whatever kind of trip they’re looking for. TheĀ coastal regions and the islands around the Mediterranean are undeniably awesome places to spend a week or so in the sun but when it comes to cheap holidays Turkey has a massive amount to offer as well.

The beaches around the Turkish Riviera are every bit as impressive as those around the Balearic Islands, southern Spain, Portugal and Italy. With mile after mile of stretched out sands giving holidaymakers every opportunity to relax in style, spend quality time with their loved ones and to generally leave their cares well and truly behind them. The cuisine that you’ll find across Turkey is quite simply unique, with a dazzling array of flavourful influences from across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The water sport facilities in various parts of the country could hardly be better and there are all manner of accommodation options for visitors to the most popular beach resorts to choose from. Relics of ancient and medieval cultures make incredible views all the more amazing and there are thousands of genuinely fascinating sites of historical interest across the country.

Whatever you and your travelling party are looking for from your next holiday, there’s every chance you’ll find it in Turkey, so vast and varied is the country. And if you’re working within the confines of a tight budget this time around then you should perhaps look into your options on all inclusive deals and search for some of the best package holidays with Thomas Cook. There are real bargains to be found on three, four and five star accommodation, with prices per person starting as low as just a few hundred pounds for a week-long stay.


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