Guest Post: Finding the Best Shows in Las Vegas

When you want to find the best shows in Las Vegas, you do not have to look around for long. If you have not yet purchased tickets or are in the city for the first time, chances are you can find the best shows in Las Vegas simply by asking other locals. Even visitors who regularly attend Las Vegas will be able to point you in the right direction. There are also a few hotels that you can count on for always offering a great show.

Treasure Island

At this great hotel, you will be able to enjoy a free buffet when you book a room at this magnificent hotel. You will also be able to enjoy shows like Mystere by Cirque du Soleil. After you watch this incredible show filled with bright lights and phenomenal dancers, you can relax at the tropical pool on top of the hotel. You can socialize and meet other people who are enjoying their experience in Las Vegas. Another show that you should not be sure to miss is the Bill Cosby comedy show. He regularly performs at Treasure Island, and you can enjoy his outstanding comedy routine.

The Mirage

The Mirage is the leading provider of shows and entertainment in Las Vegas. The LOVE show has become a very popular show for those who visit Las Vegas. LOVE features the Cirque du Soleil dance team and is based on the life story of the Beatles. You will get to enjoy all of the best soundtracks of the Beatles by attending this great show. If you want a more comedic selection, then the Terry Fator ventriloquist show will be perfect for you. This talented ventriloquist is world-renowned for his ability to make people fall off of their seats in uncontrollable laughter. You may also want to unwind and watch one of the impersonation shows that features Elvis Presley, Lady Gaga or Aretha Franklin.

Caesar’s Palace

If you are an Elton John fan, then you should be sure not to miss out on his vocal performance at Caesar’s Palace. You will be able to watch his brilliant performance in his show entitled “The Million Dollar Piano.” You can even purchase dinner at one of the elegant tables in front of the stage if you want to turn your experience into an ultra-classy affair.

When you are in Las Vegas, it is easy to find a show that will charm you and leave you with the feeling that you made the most of every second in Las Vegas!

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