Hoi An: A New Meaning for the word ‘Shop’

Hoi An is a girl’s dream come true.

We arrived to Hoi An with heavy backpacks and little room for souvenirs and no room for tailor made clothing… or so we thought. I had heard so many people rave about Hoi An’s tailors, but after living in HCMC for a year and having things made there I didn’t think it would be a big deal and “wow” me. Oh, how wrong I was!

Be prepared. As you wander around Hoi An’s artsy streets you pass by tailor after tailor with beautiful summer dresses in bright colors and fun patterns catching your eye the whole time and slowly you stroll over and start holding things up to yourself and asking about prices so nonchalantly… and the next thing you know you’re stuffing a black cocktail dress and two pairs of shoes into your already bursting bag!


hoi an

They can make any shoe!

You can take ANY picture of any dress, shirt, skirt, or pair of pants and the tailors there can duplicate it. ANYTHING! They have so much fabric to choose from and it puts a whole new spin on clothes shopping when you’re the one actually choosing and designing your next dress. It’s really fun and apart of the experience when visiting Hoi An. The shoes shopping is on an entirely different level though. The shoe tailors can also make you ANY shoe. Boot, sneaker, high heel, pumps, stilettos, sandal… you name it, and you shall receive it. You can either show them a photo of what you want made or you can choose from the hundreds of shoes they have on display. I had two flats made and they measured my foot, traced it on a piece of paper. I have to say it the first pair of shoes I’ve ever owned that fits both of my feet exactly! As they were measuring I learned that my left foot is an inch wider than my right foot, and each shoe ended up fitting like my feet Cinderella’s slipper. They handed me a ring full of different materials (suede, leather, etc…) and different shades and I got to choose what color and material the shoes would be made from, I even picked the color string they would use for the stitching!


hoi an vietnam river

Plus, it is a beautiful little town!


Brides-to-be: a trip to Hoi An could save your bridesmaids tons, you can have your bridesmaid dresses made to fit each of them for $15-20. Incredible! Any shoe goes for $15-20 and any type of clothing will range from $10-30.00. My dress was $18 and Rhys’s suits were $60. They take your measurements, make the piece of clothing for you by the next day, you try it on and it either fits perfectly and you take it home, or they will alter it for free and you’ll have it ready to go the day after. A must do in Vietnam! Book your next trip with Expedia, and don’t miss out on all of the shopping you can do!

Not only are the tailors a highlight of Hoi An, but Hoi An itself is an impressive little artsy town. It is easily my favorite town I’ve been to. It even beats the beauty of Ubud in Bali to me! It is so creative, colorful, and has so much character. The buildings are all painted a lush, deep honey color and bright paper lanterns hang from the buildings bringing the town alive at night. The yellow buildings with their shining lanterns reflecting in the river below screams romance.

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  1. Dan Arif says:

    can’t wait to check out the tailors.. and also the shoes.. will be there in mid september 🙂

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