Snowdon: Small but Stormy

Snowdon. Wales tallest mountain. 3,550 feet. We were told “It’s a GREAT hike! You’ll love it, the view from the top is beautiful. It’s an easy 3 hour walk, no problem for the two of you.” Oh, how wrong our friends and family were! Rewind the story to Cardiff and 5 people piling into a car with bags everywhere for a 4 day road trip around the Welsh countryside. Gale force winds, sleet, and zero visibility were not apart of this master plan we had... Read More

Sports in Saigon

There’s no shortage of sports for foreigners in Saigon. For expats or long-term travellers, joining a sports team is a great way to meet new people & get out about on the town after the match! Here are some of the well-established local teams to contact if you want to get involved. There are links to their websites, giving more information on training & match times. There are also professional teams to go & watch in Saigon. So if your in need of a dosage of sport... Read More

Roomorama: An Accommodation Alternative

Finding a room in Manhattan with a good location at a reasonable price is near impossible! If you’re OK staying up around Central Park there are some good places, but in the more central location of Midtown it gets pricey. We had a one night stop-off in NYC before catching the train from Penn Station. We needed a cheap, cheery place, right in the heart of Manhattan so we could use our short time to get out & about without wasting time on the metro & lugging our baggage... Read More

Guest Post: Winter Holidays

Winter holidays are increasingly popular amongst couples, groups and families wanting to escape the gloom and head for the slopes and sun in the coldest months. Winter holidays are not only a chance to catch some sunshine, but they can also be a rewarding opportunity to learn some new skills and experience a different kind of holiday. Search for mountain holidays with Inghams to see some of the activities and experiences winter holidays can offer. The ski season lasts from around... Read More

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