Travel Plan: A Weekend in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has an incredible reputation. Giant hotels, gambling galore, & non-stop shows. After a recent trip to Sin City, we discovered the hype is all true!! With 2 nights & 1 full day to explore, we found a cheap hotel 5oom off the strip and hit the town.

Friday Night – Fremont Street

If you want a cheaper night out in Vegas, the old downtown at Fremont Street is the place to be. Table stakes are as cheap as, club entry is free/cheap, & there are some great drink deals. The other benefit to Fremont is the proximity of the casinos. Unlike the strip, you can walk between casinos like Four Queens & Golden Nuggets in seconds! The street is filled with live music & street stalls, & covered by an amazing interactive roof to add to the experience. Fremont is WAY better than the strip for a night out drinking!!

Fremont Street's Roof

Fremont Street’s remarkable roof, giving it a mall-esque feel

Saturday – Strole the Strip

The famed ‘Las Vegas Strip’ is ridiculous. It’s like Disney for adults,… but fuelled by alcohol, gambling, & sex. We walked from north to south, hitting as many hotels as we could & exploring their outrageous interiors. Many of the hotels are themed and boast enormous casinos, indulgent shopping malls, & an array of bars & restaurants. Our favourites were The Venetian & New York New York, but you should try not to miss Ceasar’s Palace, Paris, & the Luxor. You’ll need several hours to walk the bulk of the Strip so get out early & explore!

The Venetian - Las Vegas

The Venetian, classically copying the canals of Venice

New York New York - Las Vegas

The enormous New York New York’s take on Manhattan’s skyline

Saturday Night – Shows on the Strip

Several of the Strip’s big boys put on FREE shows at street level as the vie against each other for prestige & reputation. From north to south, you can hit three great shows, all on the west side of the street. Treasure Island puts on a big-bang, 30 minute pirate show that is thoroughly entertaining. After that, head up the street to the Mirage for it’s 10 minute Volcano Show with smoke & fire pouring from the jungle setting in front of the Mirage’s golden glass. Last, but certainly not least, is the Bellagio’s world famous fountain show. Every few minutes the elegant fountains shoot up in a mesmerizing display set to music. You can usually find beer sellers to provide you with that all needed beverage, but bring your own roadies to be sure.

Bellagio Fountain Show

The Bellagio’s elegant fountain show

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