Top 8 Things to Do in Vietnam

8. Fairy Stream, Mui Ne

Mui Ne is famous for its sand dunes, beautiful beaches, and luxury hotels, but a quiet stroll up Fairy Stream is also a great way to spend your time. Fairy Stream is FREE to walk up and offers great photographs of limestone rocks giving way to the stream below. White limestone mixes with red clay for some fantastic shots accented by palm trees along the stream. A 15 minute walk up the stream ends in a small waterfall where you can stop and play in the cascading water.

Walking up Fairy Stream

7. War Museum, Saigon

A visit to the infamous war museum in Saigon will leave visitors shocked from the photos and display of events during the Vietnamese War. The photos are heart-wrenching and displayed in an extremely anti-American way. Regardless, it allows travelers to get a different perspective on the war and see it from the eyes of the Vietnamese, no matter how much the government has exagerrated the facts of the war in the museum.

Ho Chi Minh Statues are all over Vietnam

6. Tailored Clothes in Hoi An

Hoi An is the capital of tailor made clothes. You can have ANYTHING made. I was in love with the shoe making. The shop owners trace your foot, measure it, and you pick out the material and any shoe you would like made. Suits, dresses, skirts, shirts and an endless array of material to choose from. It takes a couple days to have everything made, and costs $10-25 to have most things made. Plus, Hoi An is one of the most photogenic and quaint Vietnamese cities you will visit.

Hoi An is so beautiful and romantic!

5. Mekong Delta Home Stay

A home stay in Mekong Delta is one of my favorite things in Vietnam. On a trip to the Delta we met a friendly owner of a small homestay and quickly exchanged contact details. Soon after we visited with Phuong and his family and had an amazing experience. We helped prepare dinner with his neighbors, biked the winding roads around canals and palm trees, and stayed up drinking rice wine and talking about life in the Delta.

You will love a stay on the Delta!

4. Driving through the Hai Van Pass on a Motorbike

The Hai Van Pass connects Hoi An and Hue over one of Vietnam’s most impressive mountain passes. The road winds up and down offering stunning views of the bay far below. Lots of travelers rent a motorbike for the day to make the trip, tourist agencies will take your bags to the next town for you and meet you there to take their motorbikes back. It felt like we were driving on top of the world, every bend in the road was jaw-dropping beautiful.

Passing a Fishing Village on the Hai Van Pass

3. Night on a boat in Halong Bay

Halong Bay was worth all of the hype to us. It’s a little touristy and at times annoying with the hordes of tourists, but the bay with the famous limestone cliffs darting up from the calm waters is a sight you won’t soon forget. Diving off the top of the 2 storey boat at sunset, feasting on Vietnam’s finest seafood, and watching the stars twinkle at night from the roof top.

Kayaking in Halong Bay

2. Trekking in Sapa

When we were in Sapa I swore to myself we were no longer in Vietnam. Nothing was the same. The people dress differently, speak a different type of Vietnamese, live life at their pace, the cold weather, and the tribal communities lining the outskirts of Sapa Town. It was incrediblie, and so different to the Vietnam I lived in for the previous 18 months. Trekking through rice fields and around children hard at work in the fields, gave us a whole new perspective on Vietnam. Sapa is a great little town, with tons of restaurants to choose from after a day of hiking from tribal village to tribal village mingling with the local people.

The hiking in Sapa is STUNNING!

1. Canyoning in Da Lat

A canyoning trip in Da Lat isn’t over advertised and doesn’t pass through word of mouth from traveler to traveler as much as it should. For $25.00 we got to spend the entire day in Da Lat’s dense forests repelling down powerful waterfalls, cliff jumping, and floating down a lazy river. I had never abseiled before and couldn’t believe what we accomplished at the end of the day, in our three years in Asia it is easily one of the best things we have ever experienced and we highly recommend it for anyone traveling to Vietnam!

You won’t regret a decision to go canyoning!


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