Road Trip: Route Around Wales

We arrived in rainy London after a long flight from Hanoi. After 18 months in the dysfunction of Vietnam, I couldn’t be happier to see highways filled with law abiding cars and not a single crazy motorbike driver! I’ve visited Wales several times, and never got too far from the pubs of Cardiff, so when Rhys mentioned a road trip around Wales you can imagine I was all smiles. Five of us piled into a car for a short four day road trip around Wales, four days isn’t much– but for a country smaller than New Jersey, we got to see a lot!

Route Around Wales

From Cardiff we set off for St. David’s with short stops at an old castle in the countryside outside of Carmarthen and the colorful coastal town of Tenby. From St. David’s we drove up the coast to another picturesque coastal town, Aberystwyth. After chowing down on fish & chips and wondering around the sunny little town we finished the day with a drive to Porthmadog. Porthmadog is a small town on the coast and allowed for a short commute to Snowdon the following morning. The hike up Snowdon was our real reason for the roadtrip! After our dreadful attempt up Snowdon (read all about it here), we cruised down to a small town in the middle of nowhere, Llanidloes. It was quaint, had a local pub, and a cozy room for the five of us to crash in–exactly what we needed after Snowdon! We finished our roadtrip with a beautiful drive through the famous Breacon Beacons before pulling back into the comforts of city life in Cardiff.

In every place we stayed overnight we were able to find a bed and breakfast for £30 each. A little pricey (especially after living in Vietnam), but £30 was cheapest we could find in every single town. The trip was incredible and the Welsh’s infamous rainy weather didn’t stick around the entire time, blue skies peeked through most afternoons. The drive between each town was only a couple of hours and allowed us to take our time and stop off at castle ruins and coastal points. Wales is a gorgeous country, the landscape in North Wales is so dramatic with sheep dotted along  beautiful rolling green mountains in all directions.

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