Star-Studded L.A.

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Star-Studded Hollywood

L.A. is the New York of the West. Where dreams are made or….. crushed. For the few days we were there we acted like little kids and let ourselves get caught up in Hollywood fever. My celebrity spotting-radar was ready to rock ‘n’ roll. When in LA of course you want to do some celebrity gawking (or stalking?), it’s LA what else is there to do besides groan about the traffic and smog? You can either book a tour on a cheesy looking double decker bus to see the sites and famous celebrity homes or google their addresses online and plug them in your GPS for celeb searching from the comfort of your car. I wouldn’t exactly say we drove around and saw all of these lavish mansions of famous singers or movie stars. Sure, we saw all of their high security gates and even some roof tops, but no homes. Unless you count the Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s house because you can drive right up to it! None-the-less it was a first for all of us, plugging in Jennifer Aniston’s address or Ozzy Osbourne’s address into the GPS and setting off with our camera ready. Lame… yes, but it’s LA… when in Rome, right?

Before you judge us too much, we can recommend Santa Monica for a great get away and place to spend time in LA. It has an artistic feel to it and is lined with great bars and restaurants. FYI: great happy hour deals on food and beer!  We spent the day laying on the beach (where Baywatch was filmed) looking out on the famous pier that is in oh-so-many-movies. Sunset is a must. Even the locals waltz down to the beach everyday at dusk to watch the sun sink over the ocean and light up the Sierra Nevada mountains around it.

Santa Monica Pier

At night you’ve got to make the drive to the top of the observatory that looks down on all of LA’s bright flashing nightlights. Plus, it’s FREE. The Griffith Observatory is high up on Mount Hollywood and attracts people from all over to ‘oh’ and ‘aw’ at the view.

I wouldn’t want to spend weeks in LA, but a couple of days spent seeing the sites, laying on the beach, and seeing what all the ‘hype’ is about was fine with me!


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