An Asian Experience to Remember

Everest at Sunset from Kala Patthar

Sun Setting Across Mt. Everest

Asia is truly amazing. We called Asia home for 3.5 years, because there is so much to it, that pizazz that kept us wanting more and planning our next adventure. From the lush rice fields in Bali, colorful markets in India, and bustling roads in Thailand there was always a fascinating, new experience to unfold around us. Looking back on the people we met, pictures we took, and places we ventured too– all of the fond memories unleashed themselves and whittling them down to one experience that defined our time in Asia and inspired us and those around us was hard, but than we came across our photos of Nepal and our choice was easy because we both lost ourselves in Nepal’s majestic mountains.

Maybe it was the kindness of the Nepalese, or the rustic Buddhist stupas that are scattered across the country, or the monks dressed in bright robes peacefully strolling around the countryside, or allowing ourselves to get lost in the mighty Himalyas as we made our way to the foot of Mt. Everest. Nepal is a captivating country and left us both wanting more. We were unable to digest the beauty around us and stumbled through conversation with others when we tried to describe our experience. To put into the words the magnitude of the mountains we hiked through or the beauty of the rushing glacier rivers we crossed side by side kind-hearted Sherpas and porters who call these beautiful mountains home.

Mt. Amadablam at Sunset

After a relentless nine day hike deep into the heart of the Himalayas, staying overnight in seven different mountain villages, over 25 hours of hiking, ascending 9,800 ft (3,000 m), battling altitude headaches with warm Sherpa Stew, and spending our nights playing cards with hikers from all over the world. We arrived at the mightiest of all mountains, Mt. Everest.

Standing at the foot of the top of the world, feeling so small standing amongst the biggest white giants… & so accomplished. Completing nine very physical days, always pushing up and further, it made our arrival at base camp so much sweeter. It was worth every penny, every headache, every freezing night. Once in a lifetime. We talked about the trip and that moment arriving at EBC for months, but I never thought we would actually stand on top of the Khumbu glacier and listen to it creak and groan, after walking in the exact footsteps of so many famous mountaineers, throwing our arms in the air at our own mini-achievement. I realized just how small our achievement was when we were looking up at Mt. Everest and the summit another 10,000 dangerous feet away!

Celebrating at Base Camp

I’ve read so many books about expeditions to Everest and standing on the Khumbu glacier and staring up at Everest was too surreal! We left our tiny mark at base camp by stringing prayer flags between two little stupas we made, sending our wishes and prayers up with the winds. We had base camp all to ourselves, not a soul in sight. Sixty miles behind us and at 17,600 ft (5,364m) we stood with our fists in the air, where so many dreams begin and ours was accomplished.

Mt. Everest

Asia helped me realize I can do anything, anything that I put my mind to. Whether it be a 1,000 mile motorbike ride across Vietnam, learning to speak Korean, or hiking to Mt. Everest, I was the one that did those things! The Himalayas pure beauty is so inspiring that a nine day hike deep into the heart of them felt like a stroll down my home-town street. We were so preoccupied at the scenery unfolding around us, we never had a moment to think about the magnitude of the hike that laid before us or behind us. Each step took us closer to our destination, our goal, and standing at the bottom looking up at Everest was a feeling so strong, an experience so enriching that we were both brought to tears. I am capable of so much more than I give myself credit for, I never thought Mt. Everest base camp would be possible– but it was, and the whole experience made me realize how much I hold myself back, but if I cut the strings and walk out in the abyss I am capable of so much more.




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