Jökulsárlón: Iceland’s Incredible Glacial Lagoon

Everyday and every moment in Iceland shocked me to my core with its endless beauty. In a country with the northern lights, towering volcanoes, lava fields, and an abundance of wildlife: Iceland’s Jökulsárlón glacial lake easily stands out on its own.

Iceland’s Famous Glacial Lagoon

The crystal clear blue waters, gigantic icebergs bobbing up and down, the black sand contrasting with the ghostly white icebergs, volcanoes demanding attention on the horizon, and the groan of icebergs crashing into the hypnotic blue waters. The beauty and the contrast of the colors is enough to give anyone a headache, as you try to digest a scene so dramatic. I stood in awe, I couldn’t believe it was real, that a place this beautiful existed and was right in front of me.

Jökulsárlón writes a whole new meaning to the word “breathtaking“.

Icebergs bobbing up & down in the lagoon

You can take a boat ride in the lagoon, we opted out of this option, because a stroll down to the far end of the beach far from everyone else provided us with exactly what we wanted. Peace & quiet as we tried to digest the scene in front of us. Some 1,000 year old ice was floating just off the shore and I had to jump at the chance to eat a piece of iceberg that was once part of a huge Icelandic glacier.

Whatever you do don’t miss out on the icebergs drifting out into the ocean. The icebergs take 5-7 years to melt in size and slowly drift out to sea. The icebergs inevitable are caught by the ocean’s small waves and are slapped on to the beach, creating a scene as impressive as the lagoon. A black lava sand beach littered with icebergs, you couldn’t even make this stuff up if you wanted to!

The crystal-clear blue sky, the sound and sight of waves crashing into icebergs as they were pushed onto a black sand beach. It was one of the moments you want to freeze right there and than so you can live in it forever.

I swear to you, there are divine things more beautiful than words can tell.
-Walt Whitman-


Icebergs wash ashore one of Iceland’s black sand beaches

How to get there: Jokulsarlon is in the south east of Iceland situated on the Ring Road (Route 1). From the southern town of Vik its a 2 hour drive further East, just 45 minutes from Skaftafell National Park. You can’t miss it as it appears on your left right next to the main road, with parking just before a bridge in front of you.

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