Guest Post: Experience London’s Dark History

When you’re asked to think of London you can’t help but let your mind wander to its most famous landmarks; Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey. Without a doubt, these attractions are iconic but have you ever wanted to experience the darker side of London? The capital wasn’t always so spick and span. The history of London in fascinating so how about next time you are browsing hotel deals in London with a view to seeing the sites, you opt to delve into its dark and sordid past. Here are a few suggestions as to how…

Take the Jack the Ripper tour

The tale of London’s most famous serial killer is also one of the most well-known mysteries in the history of crime. Was it really a member of the Royal Family? We may never know! On the Jack the Ripper tour you will be led around the Whitechapel area of East London where the Ripper used to stalk and prey on his victims. You will hear from dedicated “Ripperologists” all about each of his victims and how they died. Learn more about suspects old and new and marvel at “Rippervision” – graphic, unseen pictures that you can look at on your individual hand-held projectors.

Explore London Dungeon

Your 90 minute tour of London’s filthy dungeons will be crammed full of live actors, special effects, 14 live shows, three exciting rides and most importantly, 1,000 years of London’s most hair-raising history. You can learn about the days when rats ran the city on the Rat Walk Experience. Discover how ruthless Royal Bloody Mary disposed of those who dared oppose her and experience the Great Fire of London; hear the screams, see the terrified Londoners fleeing their homes, hear the truth behind the fire that wiped out the Great Plague and much of the city – will you escape in time?

Investigate the dark past of The Tower of London

Where now it might be hard to imagine that this grand fortress on the northern banks of the River Thames used to be anything other than a tourist attraction, in actual fact it used to be a gruesome prison where many spent their last desperate days. Throughout the 16th and 17th century, the Tower of London was the site of many a gruesome execution – hence the terming of the phrase “Send him to The Tower”. A captivating tourist favourite – the Tower now stores the Crown Jewels and is famous for the friendly Beefeaters who will gladly stop and pose for a picture before recalling tales of when the Tower played a vitally important role in maintaining control of the capital during a number of invasion attempts.

So there you have it – trips to London don’t all have to be about Harrods and Hyde Park, why not read up on the capital’s fascinating past and see what things would have been like if you had visited hundreds of years ago?


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