Nightlife in Arequipa

View at Sunset from Restaurant on the Roof

View at Sunset from Restaurant on the Roof

Arequipa nightlife often gets overlooked because it doesn’t come anywhere close to comparing in size to Lima, but Arequipa is a place not to be missed! Aside from the BEAUTY of the city with volcanoes towering in the distance and the white bricks reflecting bright orange sunsets every night, travelers can have a great night bar hopping along Calle San Francisco. In our four months living here the bars and clubs listed below provided us with endless fun!

Mister Fish_Arequipa

We won a Halloween Costume Contest at Mister Fish!

1. Mister Fish

The craziest party in Arequipa! Mister Fish is on a whole other level. I kept looking around wondering if I was in Cancun, Mexico for Springbreak or in Peru? A stage hosts games all night, you know the type of games, wet tshirts, sexy dancing, kissing strangers, anything MTV might do at springbreak. A few hundred people go starting at NOON and the party lasts until 10-11:00pm. All day long drinking, dancing, and shocked at the antics on stage. First time I went I was shocked that this many people could be round up on a Saturday afternoon, a full on DAY club. Gather a group of friends and let loose.

Mister Fish is every Saturday– but, check the facebook group because it tends to be cancelled during the rainy season (leaky roof!) It is about a 10 soles cab ride from the Plaza de Armas to Mister Fish.


2. Restaurant on the Roof

Restaurant on the Roof is a MUST do at sunset. It is the highest restaurant in the city and the view overlooking the cathedral,  plaza, and white capped mountains at sunset is not to be missed! Beer is only 5.50 soles, so you can go at 5:30pm spend an hour or two drinking and taking 100 photos of the pink sky and stunning cathedral without spending too much money. The food here is okay, I recommend getting the wood fired pizza, the chicken dishes were alright but nothing too special. You can order cuy here (guinea pig), but it is very expensive at 40 soles!

Restaurant on the Roof is at the corner of the plaza closest to McDonald’s. It is right next to the RadioShack, there is a sign above the entry way for it, and it is the only restaurant that is on the roof top and not around the balcony of the plaza.


3. Cochamama/Mono Blanco

Cochamama is three different levels, with the first two levels being Cochamama and the top bar called Mono Blanco. The bottom floor has salsa style music and is really fun for some dancing, the middle floor plays more modern music that you hear on the radio (also good for dancing), and Mono Blanco tends to be really chilled out. We have gone to Mono Blanco a few times when there has been an acoustic gutiar player/singer for the night and had a great time singing along to all of our favorites over some Mojitos (two for one, if happy hour is “over” just ask the bar tender to extend it for you. They always do!)

Cochamama/Mono Blanco is right next to the Santa Catalina entrance on the left. It is in a big blue/purple tinted building with a wooden balcony going around the top.


4. Brujas

Brujas has a really cool vibe, it’s a smaller bar with a coozy feel to it. They have great drink deals and are in prime location to make for an easy bar hop after. We were there a few nights ago and the deal was 3 mixed drinks for 15 soles, at 5 soles a drink you can’t beat the price or the place!

Brujas is across the street from Le Foyer hotel and is right on the corner of Calle Ugarte and Calle San Francisco.


5. Dejavu

The one club where everyone seems to go once they are drunk enough, every night in Arequipa. If you’re in the city and just looking to dance this is your place. Lots of people, loud music, and booze. There are two floors, the downstairs floor plays a variety of music with Latin American songs mixed with your favorite western tunes you hear on the radio all the time.

Dejavu is on the street corner at San Francisco 319B Centro. Weekends they charge a cover, but no cover during the week.


6. Biergarten

The biergarten isn’t the liveliest place in Arequipa, but it does have massive beers for cheap. They sell 1 liter of beer for 9 soles! If you go with a group of friends who cares if the place isn’t packed? Or start here, get a nice buzz and than move on. There is a little area where you can sit outside or you can stay inside with the music.

Biergarten is across the street from Senor Frogs bar on Calle Melgar just past the big cathedral. There are lots of bars in this small area (Dejavu is on the corner too).


7. Munais

Munais is a really popular salsa night club. Peruvians are GREAT dancers and this club made me feel like I was in a scene of the movie Dirty Dancing (when Baby sneaks into the salsa club!) It was a great night, with tons of dancing and I am a horrible salsa dancer! Everyone was happy enough to bear with me and take charge leading me around the dance floor, dipping me, spinning me, and shuffling me to and fro. Really, really fun club that gets you out of all the gringo bars with the same music and style of dancing from home.

Munais is on Av. Dolores, ask any of the taxi drivers and they will know where to take you. From the Plaza de Armas it is 10-12 soles.


8. Casinos

Some of Peru’s richest city’s money winds up in one of the many casinos in Arequipa. From Plaza de Armas down the main street, Mercardes, there are several casinos such as Palacio Royal or The Joker.If you fancy a flutter you can hit one of these classy casinos.



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