Our BEST Accommodations!

Over the years, we’ve stayed in some real dives!… But, every now & then we get lucky & stay somewhere incredible, or plan it this way because we’ve felt fed up with dirty dumps & just need a space of small luxury, if even for a day or two.

So, here are our top 5 accommodations, from basic huts in paradise, to flashy hotels in megalopolises!


1. Blissful Beach Hut – Koh Ru, Cambodia

Just a short boat ride from the bustling beach-town of Sihanoukville sits the quaint & quiet island of Koh Ru. We turned up expecting some simple relaxation time & found ourselves in a basic but beautiful paradise! After some strolling & snorkelling there wasn’t a great deal to do, but it really didn’t matter! Our simple little beach hut was just a few feet from the waves, & it was purely ideallic to literally roll out of bed onto the beach!… & it cost just $3 a night for both of us!!


Koh Ru - Beach Hut

Our Blissful Beach Hut in Koh Ru


2. Basking in a Balinese Bungalow – Ubud, Bali

Ubud is the heart of Balinese culture… & for a cultural hotspot like Bali, that’s pretty awesome! What’s also awesome is the accommodation just outside of town. There are dozens of beautiful bungalows, set among unreserved rice fields, surrounded by Bali’s nurtured version of nature. As for the bungalow itself, for $20 we got an ENTIRE two-storey bungalow, fully-equipped, with a stunning outdoor shower!


Flashpacking in Singapore - Furama Hotel

Our ‘Flashpacking’ Hotel Room in Singapore

3. Flashpacking – Singapore

In South East Asia’s city of the rich & wealthy, we felt a little out of place rocking up with our dirty clothes, grubby bodies & backpacks!… It didn’t make us clean up our act, but it did make us want to flex our wallets a little, & maybe take a hot shower!  After 3 months of backpacking South East Asia coming to an end in this cosmopolitan capital of cash, we decided that Singapore would be the perfect spot to ‘flashpack’ it! We ditched the dorms of Little India & spent one night in a four-star hotel in downtown Singapore. Money well spent, because after weeks & weeks of watching the pennies so closely it was nice to let go, if only for a couple of days.



Dispersed Camping - Yosemite

Our Dispersed Camping Spot in Yosemite


4. Camping in Wanderlust Woods – Yosemite National Park, U.S.A.

As far as North America’s National Parks go, Yosemite is high up on the list… & for good reason! The expansive scenery of laborious glacial erosion is simply stunning. Another striking setting was our campground for the night! Just 1 mile from the Southern entry point to the Park, we camped (for FREE!!) in a dispersed camping area, our little tent dwarfed by lofty pines & surrounded by unadulterated nature. We saved a few bucks, & the peace & quiet was a far-cry from the overcrowded campgrounds inside the Park.





5. Making the Mekong Home – Ben Tre, Vietnam

Many people make the mistake of seeing the Mekong Delta as part of a 1-2 day tour from Saigon. BIG NO NO! By far the best way to really appreciate the innate culture & beauty of the area is by staying at a Home-Stay. We were lucky enough to stay with Phuong at his magical Mekong home. Simple, but effective. A real experience. An easy way to dive straight into life in the Mekong Delta. Just the way backpacking should be!


6. Timeshares

Finally, if you really want to avoid accommodation worries, one of the best ways is to invest in a timeshare. Timeshares offer travellers additional luxuries compared to the average amenities of hotels. They are cost effective & ownership details are varied to meet the needs of you, the traveller.


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