Tips for a More Exciting Road Trip

Road Trip

Road Tripping!

Road trips are not all about the destination, but the experience you get to share with your friends. Sitting in a car for hours without talking can drive anyone insane. Plugging in the earphones to listen to your favorite music can also give you that “I don’t care” attitude. It is important to interact with one another and there are many ways on how you can do that aside from chatting all the way. Here are some tips on how you can make your road trip more fun:

Make Stopovers

You can experience what each city has to offer by making a stopover in each hotel or resort. If you happen to pass by Las Vegas, then it is best to enjoy a quick game of poker, roulette or blackjack at ARIA Las Vegas. This might remind you of a scene from the comedy film The Hangover, but hopefully you don’t get into any misfortune during your Las Vegas adventure. Other cool stopovers include restaurants and bars so you can try out the food in each city and check out the nightlife. Make the most of your stay in ARIA by sampling the excellent cuisine offered by the restaurants, including Jean Georges Steakhouse and Julian Serrano.

Play Games

There are many cool games you can play during a road trip such as the Alphabet Game, License Plate Game, and Name that Tune. The first two games are more for kids while the last one is perfect for adults. You can make a playlist of popular songs in each music genre. In the 80s, the most popular road trip hits are “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers, and “Free Fallin’” by Tom Petty. The first one to name the song or the name of the artist of the music gets a point.

Start Discussions

Talking about your life and experiences all the time can make you look self-centered especially if it’s the only thing you do when you are with your friends. It is best to create a list of things you can discuss like “Best Movies You Have Seen This Year”, “Dream Vacation”, or “Funny Experiences”. Each passenger will share their point of view or experience and you might even discover something new about them.

Share Ghost Stories

This is not for the faint of heart. Real ghost stories are scarier than those seen on the movies. You can share some urban legends you know in each city or bizarre paranormal experiences that happened to you when you visited that place. Being in the actual location of that scary story can add thrill and excitement to your trip.




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