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The development of online casinos like Lucky Nugget has led to land based casinos becoming more popular than ever – and reaching a wider customer base. If you enjoy playing casino games then you may want to use a vacation abroad as an opportunity to visit some of the great casinos that are available around the world. When most people think of casino vacation destinations, the first place that will spring to mind will be Las Vegas.


The resort in Nevada was built with this purpose in mind and time has done nothing to diminish its status as the number one port of call for casino vacations. In particular the Strip, which is the entertainment centre of Las Vegas, has an abundance of casinos – and throughout the resort you will find the likes of the Caesars Palace and Bellagio casinos – which are the last word in opulence and luxury. However, although Las Vegas has a reputation as the number one gambling holiday destination in the world, it is certainly not the only option available.


Ceasars Palace

The magnificent Ceasars Palace at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip


Indeed just within America itself, Reno offers almost as many opportunities for casino entertainment as Vegas does, but there are also plenty of options outside of the States. Of course another perennially popular destination for those looking to play casino games while on holiday is Monte Carlo in Monaco, which arguably offers a high rent glamor that even Vegas cannot compete with. Granted you may find that some of the casinos in Monte Carlo cater more to the high roller gambler, than the holidaymaker with a part-time passion for casino gaming, but the sheer number of them available in the resort means you should find somewhere within your budget. From the romance and beauty of the place, to the chance to spot the wealthy and famous at play, Monte Carlo has a lot to offer as a recommended destination for anyone even vaguely starry-eyed.



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