Guest Post: Discovering The Cultural Side Of Amsterdam


Amsterdam is an old city which has embraced the new cosmopolitan flair of Europe. It is the home of The Netherlands’ royal family although the seat of the government is in Hague. Amsterdam has less than one million residents although it is visited by thousands of people every month throughout the year. Tourists get a chance to visit city’s galleries, historical places, museums and cultural places for those interested in the Dutch history, culture and art. Below are some attractions you may visit.




Rijksmuseum – It is also known as the Dutch National Museum. It was found in The Hague in 1800 but later moved to Amsterdam. You will see the grand building that was designed by Pierre Cuypers during the 1876 competition. It holds a great deal of Dutch history and art. It has collection of Asian art with works by Vermeer and Rembrandt. It is currently undergoing renovation.


Amsterdam's Rijkmuseum



The Stedelijk Museum – It is a Municipal art museum founded in 1874. In 1909 it was pulled together and renovated making it resemble the current museum. In 1938 the original light-red bricks were renovated again. It now has a collection of modern art which is among the most impressive and richest in the world. It holds selections of art in its development up to the modern one.


Amsterdam's Stedlijk Museum



Van Gogh Museum – It is situated at Paulus Pottersg. It is home to all the collections of Van Gogh and they include paintings and drawings. It attracts many tourists as it features some classic works like, The Potato Eaters, Bedroom in Arles and one of the three Sunflowers paintings. It also holds exhibitions on several aspects of the 19th century art history.


Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum





ART Affairs – It is an international centre for Contemporary art offering several temporary exhibitions. They emphasize on conceptual works mainly on social issues including painting, sculpture and genres such as performance, digital installation and photography.


Civic Guards Gallery – It is a subsidiary and property of the Amsterdam Historical Museum. It has portraits of the city’s old elite civic guards and exhibitions showing their influence. It depicts wealthy citizens of the city during formal occasions, attributes of power and their families.


Amsterdam's Historical Museum



Akinci Gallery – It was established to support and promote the modern trends in the gallery organisation. It holds temporary exhibits made by well-known international artists, new and young developing artists to make them famous and develop their talents.




Boom Chicago – It is a sketch and improvisational theatre established in 1993. It mainly addresses modern day issues although it is now embracing the city’s culture encouraging people to like it. It is now performing traditional dramas using Dutch original language.


Those are just a few places you can visit in Amsterdam. If you are visiting the city for the first time, it’s important for you to plan well especially on your accommodation. The city has many accommodation apartments, rooms and houseboats. They can be booked online before leaving your home country or state. If you plan well, this list of online accommodation will help you.


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