Guest Post: Best International Destination Locations


There are many must-see places internationally that you just can’t pass up for a vacation location. Here’s a list of best travel destinations that are worth every dollar not only because of the experience, but the sight alone is breath taking.

Keli Mutu, Indonesia

Indonesia is the home of a great deal of tourist attractions beginning with the Kelimutu volcano. It may sound dangerous but don’t jump yet! The Kelimutu volcano is a great sight to see with its crater lakes that periodically change color. It is nearly impossible to find a clear lake in the states so go and enjoy the changing lakes. Many tourists say that it is great to take a trip to the volcano at night because the view is much different, but just as beautiful.


Take a Trip to the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea in the Middle East is supposedly shrinking in size due to the hot temperatures, so check it out before it isn’t what it use to be. Take a look at a sea like none other; it has a salt level eight times that of a U.S. sea.

But what is more intriguing is playing in the water because you can’t drown! The salt level is so high that water essentially becomes weightless where you float like a surf board. Floating in water without any type of raft gives you an experience that you can’t find anywhere else. Granted you may be a little dirty from mud when you get out but you’ll live to tell the story to all of your friends and family. Don’t carry mental and emotional baggage on your vacation from home, here are 7 tips to really enjoy your vacation.


The Himalayas, duh.

The mountains can be intimidating, especially if you are afraid of heights but you don’t have to be a hiker or climber to get the best experience from the Himalayas. If you are a friend of the cold weather, take a journey through the land at the base of the mountains to catch the different villages scattered about.

There is a little town about 2,000m high that gives a great view of the three peaks, a village called Chomronq. Be your own photographer and take pictures that will give you memories to last you a lifetime. Submit these pictures into a photo contest and possibly win some earnings or another vacation just for high quality pictures taken during your trip.

Check out the photos we’ve taken when we went to Hurghada.


Trip to Africa

Africa goes beyond the exotic animals and traveling elephants. For your next vacation, you might want to look into taking a trip to the African safari. You are in the safer part of the wilderness but you get to see the animals very close. The shows you see on television become your new lifetime experience. Seeing the safari first hand gives you a better understanding and feeling of these animals’ habitat. Kenya is one of the first safari destinations and you are likely to see other tourists as they explore the wilderness just like you. It is truly a different lifestyle.



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