Northern Goa’s Beaches: A Day Trip From Anjuna


Goa is India’s premier beach destination, boasting miles & miles of superb sandy coastline!… & Anjuna is the place to base for most backpackers in northern Goa. It offers a wide range of accommodation, & while the beach is nothing spectacular, the nightlife & services are top-notch… for India… & it’s easy to venture out to some of the best beaches Goa has to offer.


The easiest, & our favourite way, to day-trip is by moped. We managed to rent one for $8 a day from Anjuna & headed south to hit a few beaches… Check out our route map at the bottom of this post!


Cows Roaming At Anjuna Beach

Anjuna is awesome, but try escaping the cows & chaos for sands more golden!



Baga Beach

Just 15 minutes down the road from Anjuna is the bustling beach of Baga. We went on a slightly overcast day to find an almost deserted stretch of sand though! There were plenty of cool looking hostels & resorts, & the beach was definitely more beautiful the Anjuna’s. But, after a quick dip we back on our way for more of the same!


Candolim Beach

Our next stop due south was Candolim. By for the most intriguing thing about Candolim, is the MASSIVE, unmissable oil tanker laying at its shores! The MV River Princess is an incredible sight & quite fun to have a little swim around…don’t try to climb the ladder though!… the lifeguards were not impressed!! There was talk recently of removing the long-term resident of rust, but I’m not sure on the results. Either way, Candolim offers some eloquent, expensive beach bars & a nice beach to bask on.


River Princess Oil Tanker at Candolim, Goa

The inexplicable sight of the River Princess Oil Tanker at Candolim, Goa


Fort Aguada

Perched on the peninsula’s hilltop south of Candolim, Fort Aguada is a 17th century Portuguese fort, named after a fresh water well at its centre. the fort also has a lighthouse & was a long-standing reference point for ships sailing through this part of the Arabian Sea. It was a decent hour of our day with impressive views & a well-preserved history. Well worth the 15 minute drive up the hill from Candolim beach.


Anjuna Beach For Sunset

After an impromptu stop to watch a local football match on the way back in Candolim, we were back in Anjuna in time for an impressive sunset. We always seemed to end up in Shore Bar, hanging out with new friends drinking cheap beers & listening to random jam sessions that seemed to start up off the cuff!


Sunset At Anjuna Beach

A stunning sunset looking out from Shore Bar at Anjuna Beach



& here is a map of our route from Anjuna to the beaches south of it on northern Goa’s impressive coastline.


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