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There are 1192 islets located along the equator 700 km off the coast of Sri Lanka and south of the Lakshadweep islands of India, they have been grouped into a total of 26 atolls. A total of 200 islands are inhabited out of the 1192 islets. These islets are what form the famous holiday destination Maldives. There are very many things that you can go and see there and also involve yourself in some thrilling and fun activities. The obvious ones are the white sandy beaches and the clear blue waters. You will also see lagoons, diving havens and some of the most desired snorkelling. Besides that you will enjoy the tropical climate of the islands and visit some of the most magnificent and unique architectural buildings. This is what makes Maldives not only an ideal holiday destination but also a perfect example of a paradise on earth.


Maldives aerial photo


Going to Maldives

The first thing you have to consider when planning for a holiday in Maldives is how you will get there. There is the Male international Airport situated in Hulhule. This is a narrow island that is long enough to accommodate a runway. There are numerous airlines that fly to the airport on a regular basis including Singapore Airlines, Indian Airlines, Qatar Airways, Eurofly and many others. There are also several charter flights that you can choose including Edelweiss, Monarch Airlines and First Choice. You should confirm with your local airlines to know whether Maldives is one of their destinations. You might also considers cruising to Maldives. This can be a very exciting adventure especially since you will have a feel of the sea before you even get to your destination. The Pacific Pearl is one of the many cruise ships that can take you to Maldives.


boat on the beach - maldives


Where to stay

There are numerous hotels and resorts that you can stay in once you are in Maldives. They have world-class amenities and offer high quality services to their guests. You will also have the opportunity of relaxing beside a pool in your hotel whereas some go a step ahead to provide adventurous water activities. Since most of the hotels are located at the beach you can enjoy walks on the beach in the evening barefooted. It is important that as you plan the holiday that you check out the websites of the hotels in Maldives to find the one that will best suits you.


hammock on the beach - maldives


Activities in Maldives

Maldives is one of the few places on earth that you can really engage yourself in various activities without getting bored. The activities will range from snorkelling to scuba diving. These sports will obvious get you adrenaline level high. There are several diving spots where you get clear visibility for as deep as 50 meters into the ocean. There are professionals who can assist you in case it is the first time that you are diving. If diving is not something that you want to try out you can still experience the underwater life by taking a swim in the clear turquoise water. It doesn’t matter which activity you take part in, the one thing you can be sure of while in Maldives is that you will definitely have the time of your life.


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