Guest Post: Where To Go For The Perfect Continental Caravan Christmas


If there’s one major benefit to travelling in a caravan it’s the simple beauty and freedom of the open road. Many of us spend the winter months hibernating in our homes, but if you crave adventure and excitement then the chillier months can be the perfect time to travel.

Spending Christmas abroad can reawaken the magic of the season, so now is the ideal time to pack up your warmest jumpers, get behind the wheel and follow the sleigh bells to find the perfect winter wonderland.



Christmas in Germany is like stepping into the pages of a fairy tale. The air is thick with the tantalising scents of pine, cinnamon, gingerbread and, of course, bratwurst, as soon as the world renowned street markets open their doors.

  • Gastronomy and Gluhwein – The historic town of Rüdesheim holds one of the most picturesque markets in the world, the streets are adorned with over 120 stalls, each offering their own traditional slice of Christmas. There are mouth-watering foods, traditional trinkets, local crafts and inspired gifts on offer as far as the eye can see. As you meander the winding streets of the Old Town you can take in plays and precessions while you sip on a steaming mug of mulled wine or a traditional German beer.


  • Medieval Merriment – The landscape of Germany mixes history and enchantment with its awe inspiring castles. Travel towards the medieval town of Cochem and the first sight to strike you will be the stunning citadel which has stood above the town for over 1000 years. The narrow, twisting streets contain aged wooden market stalls, and the highlight of the festivities is when the illuminated castle plays host to the town’s people while actors re-tell the story of the first Christmas.



If you fancy driving on to warmer pastures to beat the chill of the UK Christmas climate then there is no better place than the Algarve. If you’re looking for a less commercialised winter escape that boasts serene views, shining sunshine and traditional celebrations then the Algarve has everything the caravan connoisseur is looking for.

  • Glittering Lights And Golden Sand – Portugal boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, during the summer finding a spot to lay your towel and work on your tan is a near impossibility but during the Christmas season the beaches are deserted and you can relax in complete serenity. The Algarve is where the warm sun and blue skies migrate to for the winter, so you can beat the crowds and bathe yourself in sunshine on a golden beach all through the yuletide.


  • A Catholic Christmas – As a catholic country Portugal takes its Christmas celebrations seriously. Christmas in Portugal is about family, community and togetherness and every town you go to will have its own market and own unique traditions. Though the Christmas tree has been recently adopted by Portugal as an ornament in squares throughout the country during the festive period, the traditional nativity scenes are still a site to behold. The ornate scenes are built to scale and placed in the centres of towns and cities.



The native home of Father Christmas himself is perhaps the most quintessential Christmas destination.

  • Meet Father Christmas Face To Face – If you’re travelling with children, or you’re still young at heart, then the Santa Clause Village is an unmissable experience. The village is a souvenir hunter’s paradise with all manner of festive trinkets in abundance but the crowning jewel of the experience has to be Santa Claus’s office, where you can meet the man himself.


  • The Local Culture – Finland is about more than Father Christmas; Rovaniemi, Finland is home to some of the country’s most stunning museums and landmarks where you can pay homage to local art, learn about the country’s rich history, visit amethyst mines and become enriched in Finnish culture.


The truth is Europe is abundant with festive wonderlands that can ignite anyone’s passion for the season. With a caravan you have the freedom to travel as you please and take in the sights, sounds, smells and delights of the merriment of every location you visit, so whether you’re looking for snow-capped mountains, white sandy beaches, or buzzing cities it’s time to fire up the sat-nav and hit the open road.


Travel blogger Emma Smith never lets the opportunity to hit the open road in her caravan slip by. If you’re in the market for the perfect vehicle to get you where you’re going, she recommends The Caravan Company, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of premium quality new and used caravans at some of the most competitive prices on the market.



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