Guest Post: 2 Locations. 2 Tales. 2 Unforgettable Experiences


I’m not a nomad in the least bit of sense but I do love to travel. Within the last few years I’ve had the privilege of doing slow travel across countries like Japan, Thailand, Germany, Netherlands, and, of course, the United States. I know others have done far more.

I want to share two of these stories from two of the locations. Each was unforgettable.



I love electronic music festivals. I would say a good majority of my travel planning revolves around being at a location when festivals are going on. This time around it was to attend Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.

I’ve been to quite a few festivals prior to this time but I definitely wasn’t ready for the EDC experience. This festival is absolutely massive. If I remember correctly nearly 300,000 people went. There are almost too many acts to see even for it being three days. Oh, and carnival rides. They’re all over the place and really quite fun.

We had booked a place at Caesars Palace the day before and after. This was the first time the GF and I had been to Vegas so we wanted to do it proper. We certainly went hard at the slots and table games (and even won a decent bit of money … before losing it).

But the festival … wow.

Each night was a different experience. We had friends come out from all over the States to attend. There we were huddled around the Q-Dance stage for hours on end. Then over to catch Carl Cox, Ritchie Hawtin, and Digweed. It was absolutely packed. Everyone was going wild. It was unforgettable.

This went on for the entire weekend albeit one of the days getting canceled due to a dust storm. For three days we basically went with just a little over 2 or 3 hours of sleep before doing some gambling and partying as hard as we could. I would definitely recommend it if you want to have your mind blown.



My favorite memory from my stay in Japan had to have been when I became friends with an older Japanese fellow staying at the hostel due to the events surrounding Fukushima. He was disabled and for some reason avoided by many individuals staying at the location – for what reason I don’t know why.

I made it a point to talk to him any chance I had. Through broken English, help from hostel employees, and a phone app we began to hold full conversations. One of the topics we landed on was The Beatles. He absolutely loved them.

One of the days he approached me about seeing a tribute band. I was thrilled. However, it turns out they broke up some years ago. I was devastated because we had been planning it a few days prior.

What made this so unforgettable was his departure. It turns out he was starting a new life toward the north of Japan. It was unexpected that he would be leaving so soon. I wanted to show him gratitude for all those talks and inviting me to see the tribute band. I found a small shop that sold Beatles albums, had it neatly wrapped, and gave it to him just as he was leaving.

His teary eyes stick to me this day. He was so grateful but it was I who learned the most. I learned that everyone can be interesting. Anyone can rebuild even after complete disruption. I had gone through my own disrupt due to relationship problems. He helped me realize that things get better as long as you keep your head up.


Travel does this to you – especially when you take your time. I have hundreds of wonderful experiences during these times. I hope you found these inspiring enough that you start your next itinerary.


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