South East Asian Persuasions


The following is a general list of the things we wish we had known while travelling through South East Asia…  T.A.T. (Tourism Authority of Thailand) Lots of tuk-tuk drivers around Bangkok may well start boasting to you about this oh-so grand organisation called the TAT. They will excitedly explain how the TAT is there to support you, the poor lost tourist. They may... Read More

Singapore Flashpacking


After 96 days of backpacking on a tight budget we decided to let the purse strings go a little for our final 24 hours in Singapore. The freedom of backpacking was nearing its end before leaving for our more settled existence in Korea. We booked ourselves into a plush hotel in downtown Singapore called the Furama City Centre. It was in a prime location at the heart of Singapore, right... Read More

Fort Canning: The Battle Box

From barracks to beauty

Our first stop-off in Singapore was Fort Canning, a smallish park in the centre of Singapore.  Fort Canning is a brief walk north of Clarke’s Quay, right in the heart of Singapore’s bustling business centre. It’s a welcome break from the city streets with a Spice Garden, Fort Gate & Wall, & the impressive Fort Canning Centre that use to be British... Read More

Hostel vs. 4 Stars!

View From Our Window

Singapore brings along a swell of emotions. Our tour through South East Asia finishes here. I am packing up in 2 days and moving to some strange land of chopsticks and will be the most ‘settled’ I have ever been, & having a job longer then I’ve ever been in one before. This whole ‘teaching’ thing is actually happening, not something so far in... Read More

Singapore: An atrocious arrival to civilization

singapore welcome

We arrived at the Singapore border control by bus from Melaka with high hopes. We were finally to enter an advanced civilisation, an economic powerhouse, a multicultural metropolitan ranked with the best in the world… & most importantly, TOILET SEATS!! Singapore was by far the most developed & westernised port of call on our journey, a far cry from the majority of... Read More


We have a REAL bathroom?! That's even clean!

After 3 months of breaking down buses, hole stricken mosquito nets, searching for a bottle of water so I can brush my teeth, and the constant bargaining and haggling of prices from shirts and jewelry to cab rides and tours and food- we have found civilization! I am a little bit surprised. 1. We can drink water out of the TAP! A restaurant today actually served me a glass of water... Read More

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