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Koh Phi Phi Sunset

Thailand is high on most people’s wish lists to visit… & so it should be! Thailand flights are never too expensive, & landing in Bangkok will open up the whole of the stunning South East Asian peninsula to you. We’re taking a nostalgic look back to the first country we backpacked & our favourite 5 stop-offs. Chiang Mai – Jungle Trekking Chiang... Read More

South East Asian Persuasions


The following is a general list of the things we wish we had known while travelling through South East Asia…  T.A.T. (Tourism Authority of Thailand) Lots of tuk-tuk drivers around Bangkok may well start boasting to you about this oh-so grand organisation called the TAT. They will excitedly explain how the TAT is there to support you, the poor lost tourist. They may... Read More

Koh Phangan: Pharty-ngan!

Half Moon Party!

Koh Phangan has one thing it’s known for… – The FULL MOON Party. It’s a M_A_S_S_I_V_E night out, so big that it has world-wide acclamation & people actually travel half the globe just for this one night of mayhem. The party is held on the beach at Haad Rai & is attended by 8-10,000 people every month. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Nicky &... Read More

Koh Samui: Sun Soaking

Stunning Views

Our boat arrived in Samui mid afternoon & after consultation we again chose the second busiest area, Lamai beach. After checking in to our new beach bungalow not quite on the beach, but an ocean view all the same… over a construction site!… we hit the beach before the sun set on another day.What was a problem however was finding a seemingly non-existent viewpoint!!... Read More

Off-roading in Koh Tao

island hopping 1 091

Our original departure point to reach Koh Tao was Krabi… BUT due to our visa cock-up we had to go via Burma / Myanmar… whatever it’s called!… & then head to Chumphon to catch a boat out to the island. We FINALLY reached Chumphon 15 hours, 2 buses, a boat, a country, a pickup truck & a taxi after leaving Krabi that same morning. We stayed the night... Read More

Swimming with SHARKS

Understand why it felt like we were in a Jaws film?

We’ve been lazy bums island hopping for the last month enjoying some of the best beaches the world has to offer. It’s getting hard to remember the number of jaw-dropping sunsets we’ve seen, or the number of bays where we snorkeled with vibrantly colored fish amongst beautiful corrals, or all the outrageous  fire-dancing parties on the beach every night.... Read More

the theif that got away


We managed to officially shut down a hotel/hostel for a day!!! Note: Don’t mess with me. The crazy maid thought she could slyly steal 100 $$ from my suitcase, stashed in the bottom compartment– she thought she could simply take it and get away with it…? Well, in the end I probably paid for her and her friends to get a new car and hair style, and nails done ($100... Read More

VISA RUN: Burmese Border

We were on a little boat like this!

Myanmar… an unexpected & unwanted addition to our travel plans but on returning to Thailand via a land crossing we had only received a 15 day visa. As we wanted to spend longer in the country we had to cross into another country, then cross straight back in to get a new 15 day visa… highly irritating!!… but 100% necessary. We jumped on a bus to a small town... Read More

Koh Phi Phi: Relax & Rapture

Sunset in Phi Phi

Oh good god… the boat ride alone to Koh Phi Phi was beautiful enough, jetting passed countless islands amidst a deep blue sea as we basked in the rays on the boat deck… on a REAL boat!… & the ride wasn’t bumpy for the first time…EVER! Things were looking up after our last few days of disappointment. We docked at Phi Phi town, tucked away in... Read More

Arrival on the Andaman

Swimable islands = pleasant exercise!

After crossing the border back into Thailand we had a few days stop-off in Bangkok with a necessary shopping trip for essentials, (& to fix our camera that I may have broken on our drunken night out in Siem Reap), then journeyed Southward to begin ‘island hopping’. A 14 hour overnight bus to Krabi, Con air as the ‘bed time’ movie… classic! Swimable... Read More

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