Our BEST Accommodations!

Koh Ru - Beach Hut

Over the years, we’ve stayed in some real dives!… But, every now & then we get lucky & stay somewhere incredible, or plan it this way because we’ve felt fed up with dirty dumps & just need a space of small luxury, if even for a day or two. So, here are our top 5 accommodations, from basic huts in paradise, to flashy hotels in megalopolises!   1.... Read More

Travel at its Best: Our Worst Accommodations

It was like a refugee camp in the train station!

When you are traveling for weeks on end there is little doubt you’re going to get some highs & lows in the places you stay… especially if you’re on a budget!! We’ve experienced some incredible accommodations along the way… & on the other hand, we’ve had some real DUMPS!  Traveling on a budget, means no white fuzzy robes or room service.... Read More

How to Pack for a Backpacking Trip


  The art of backpacking is all in the name itself. What to pack on your back!? From our first multi-month trip, the contents of our backpacks has changed quite dramatically as we’ve learned what we need and don’t need on the road. It’s all a balancing act, making sure you have enough to live comfortably while you travel, while not overloading your backpack... Read More

Unusual But Useful Travel Gadgets


It’s always difficult to know what to pack, & to buy for long-term travel plans. Here are our ‘Top 5’ travel gadgets that you may not have thought of. They’re all a little less obvious than other travel gadget companions, but equally as useful. Flexible Tripod This inventive little tripod is genius! It’s small but strong, flexible yet stable. It... Read More

Nomadic Inspirations

Hammoks in Don Det

Here are a few of our favorite travel reads, and movies that make you want to quit your life at home and hit the road. Nomdic inspirations…   1. Movies that make you want to GO explore & experience the world Into the Wild – Alaska’s wilderness. A university graduate gives it all up for a life in the harsh Alaskan wilderness. The Beach – Thailand’s... Read More

Antimalarial Drugs: Are they worth it?


There are countless things to prepare before setting off for your travels. Plane tickets, visas, insurance, clothing & accessories, immunizations, currency exchange, location research,… The list drags on & on as your brain ticks over & tries to account for all eventualities on the long & winding road. If your travelling to South East Asia, you’d better... Read More


Our couch surfing Host Dan (bottom right) and fellow couch surfer

Our couch surfing Host Dan (bottom right) and fellow couch surfer Finally got a chance to couch SURF, and as expected great experience. Well, other than the 3 minutes that the guy was beating his dog for barking. That was kind of unnerving… but minus that, we stayed 2 nights in his apartment, went out to eat at Malaysian, Indian, and Chinese restaurants. He was even... Read More

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