The Finances of Teaching in Vietnam

Teaching Abroad

  Teaching in Vietnam is an incredible experience. To live in one of the world’s most dynamic countries, in a wonderful mix of eastern tradition & economic growth provides an exciting lifestyle. But the magic doesn’t stop there!! There is also plenty of money to be made in teaching, regardless of your qualifications! This is the money side of teaching in Vietnam.   THE... Read More

Motorbiking Vietnam: A Perfect Farewell

View from the Hai Van Pass

Motorbike Road Trip Geeees, Time FLIES! Have we really been living in Vietnam for 1.5 years?! I remember how antsy I was on the plane ride over when we had a stack of resumes, no job in sight, and no idea what Vietnam would bring us. We didn’t know if we’d stay for 6 months, 1 year, or even find a job at all. Here we are so many 3-3-3 beers later, friends made, classes... Read More

Photostory: Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa Child

Sapa is like no where else in Vietnam. The people speak a different dialectic, dress in traditional tribal clothes, the region is very cold compared to the rest of Vietnam, and tribal villages scattered around offer travelers a different taste of locals and their way of life. It is easily one of the best places anyone can go to in Vietnam, but I’ll let the pictures do the... Read More

Top 8 Things to Do in Vietnam

The hiking in Sapa is STUNNING!

8. Fairy Stream, Mui Ne Mui Ne is famous for its sand dunes, beautiful beaches, and luxury hotels, but a quiet stroll up Fairy Stream is also a great way to spend your time. Fairy Stream is FREE to walk up and offers great photographs of limestone rocks giving way to the stream below. White limestone mixes with red clay for some fantastic shots accented by palm trees along the... Read More

How to get a Teaching Job in Vietnam


How to get a job? Vietnam is far different from most countries you may teach in! Getting a job here is all about the amount of effort you put into it. My boyfriend and I showed up with a stack of resumes and that was it! We went online and found a list of 25 schools in in Saigon, hired a motorbike taxi for the day ($5), and went from school to school handing out our resumes. We... Read More

Sports in Saigon

Saigon Saints Game

There’s no shortage of sports for foreigners in Saigon. For expats or long-term travellers, joining a sports team is a great way to meet new people & get out about on the town after the match! Here are some of the well-established local teams to contact if you want to get involved. There are links to their websites, giving more information on training & match times. There... Read More

Halong Bay: Wonder & Mystery

Halong Bay kayak

Halong Bay at Sunset Mysterious, magical, dazzling, divine. Few words can capture the beauty and natural wonder of Halong Bay. The rock formations shoot up out of the calm bay like a scene from a fairy tale with mist and fog swirling below. Thousands of islands dotted around in the calm bay waters, jagged limestone pillars worn away from years of weather and waves crashing against... Read More

Hoi An: A New Meaning for the word ‘Shop’

hoi an vietnam river

Hoi An is a girl’s dream come true. We arrived to Hoi An with heavy backpacks and little room for souvenirs and no room for tailor made clothing… or so we thought. I had heard so many people rave about Hoi An’s tailors, but after living in HCMC for a year and having things made there I didn’t think it would be a big deal and “wow” me. Oh, how... Read More

Trekking in Sapa

Trekking in Sapa - Tribal People

Situated high up in northern Vietnam, Sapa is a charming little mountain town full of colour & culture. Many travelers miss this hidden gem… you shouldn’t!! It’s a breath of fresh air…literally… from Vietnam’s bustling metropolitan areas, & the natural beauty & the people are both incredible to witness. Rice paddies cut into Sapa’s... Read More

Canyoning in Dalat’s Mountains

dalat waterfall

Thailand can have it’s full moon parties. Laos is famous for it’s tubing and the gibbon experience. But no other South East Asian country has Vietnam’s canyoning in Dalat. Sadly and for some unknown reason to me, it’s not greatly advertised and many people don’t know what they’re missing out on when they skip out on Dalat and head for Nha Trang’s... Read More

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