Singapore: An atrocious arrival to civilization

We arrived at the Singapore border control by bus from Melaka with high hopes. We were finally to enter an advanced civilisation, an economic powerhouse, a multicultural metropolitan ranked with the best in the world… & most importantly, TOILET SEATS!! Singapore was by far the most developed & westernised port of call on our journey, a far cry from the majority of the places we had been before. We had left the poverty-stricken north... Read More

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  The GOOD Malaysian border After enduring a L-O-N-G minibus ride from Krati down the peninsular we finally  arrived at the Thai – Malay border. We were dropped off by the minibus & walked across the border into Malaysia. We befriended an Italian couple, or rather they befriended us, as they had quite bad English & the Thai people’s Italian is pretty weak!! The border was somewhat high-tech in comparison to what we had... Read More

VISA RUN: Burmese Border

Myanmar… an unexpected & unwanted addition to our travel plans but on returning to Thailand via a land crossing we had only received a 15 day visa. As we wanted to spend longer in the country we had to cross into another country, then cross straight back in to get a new 15 day visa… highly irritating!!… but 100% necessary. We jumped on a bus to a small town called Ranong, right on the border with Burma/Myanmar… not really... Read More

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