Top 5 Destinations in America

1. Orlando, FL Holidays to Florida will never fail to impress! Orlando easily makes our list as one of our favourite places to visit in the US. Disney World can make anyone feel like a kid again, you can’t deny the excitement at your first sighting of Mickey! Apart from Disney, Busch Gardens and Universal Studios are also must visit parks. Busch Gardens has great roller coasters and an impressive zoo, while Universal Studio’s movie themed... Read More

Guest Post: The Cities You’ll Fall for This Autumn

Spring break conjures up images of college kids in bikinis and board shorts, tropical, sunny clime and margaritas – so many margaritas. For some, maybe it’s the sole reason to go to college; how else to get your parents to bankroll a trip to Cancun than to woefully lament on the difficulties of a trying half-semester of Western Civ I? Yet Spring Break has gotten a little clichéd – not to mention crowded – and if you’ve got your... Read More

Star-Studded L.A.

Celebrities. Bright Lights. Hollywood. Los Angeles. Star-Studded Hollywood L.A. is the New York of the West. Where dreams are made or….. crushed. For the few days we were there we acted like little kids and let ourselves get caught up in Hollywood fever. My celebrity spotting-radar was ready to rock ‘n’ roll. When in LA of course you want to do some celebrity gawking (or stalking?), it’s LA what else is there to do besides... Read More

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