Transport in Cambodia? yea right.

Cambodia. Traveling through the rough and rigid jungle roads during rainy season- IMPOSSIBLE. Why did we choose to be the dumbass backpackers to attempt this? Here’s an excerpt from my journal… 6/23/2009 WHAT WERE WE THINKING?! TRAVELING IN RAINY SEASON IN NORTHERN CAMBODIA? WHERE GETTING FROM POINT A TO POINT B ON A SUNNY DAY TAKES HOURS, HOW ARE WE SUPPOSE TO DO IT IN A MONSOON? I am writing while sitting on an old decaying palm tree... Read More

Ban Lung: Cambodia in the face!

US Dollars in hand, we got our visas at the Laos-Cambodia border & stopped off in Stung Treng before our final bus to Ban Lung in the North West of Cambodia. Cambodia’s currency is Riel, 4000 of which equals $ 1, … bloody inflation hey !?… but for reasons I do not truly understand they much prefer to deal in dollars, which did mean Nicky could at last understand a currency without asking me how much every item was!!! Ban Lung... Read More

Mud 1, Us 0

The last few places we have been we literally had no electricity, and no internet, no light, added in with drinking bad water = Rhys running to the bathroom in the middle of the night, trying to fumble his way out of his mosquito net, getting bitten by sneaky mosquitos, while trying to light a candle, in a frantic state of butt clenches, to run to our hole in the ground. What a SIGHT!…anyway, that’s a whole other blog to write! Made... Read More

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