Guest Post: A Great Way To See The UK

    If you’re visiting the UK from another country, the price of accommodation can be off-putting, but one way to see some of the best of the UK and not spend a fortune is to stay on different holiday parks like the ones owned and managed by Parkdean Holidays.   If you’re not familiar with the term, a holiday park is a place where you can camp or bring a touring caravan or motorhome, or book one of the site-owned mobile homes or... Read More

Cat Tien National Park

Gibbons, and crocodiles, and bears, oh my! Every now and then I get the itch for campfires, s’mores, & sleepless nights in a tent. Living in polluted Saigon, where stars don’t even exist, and fresh air is a thing of the past made my campfire urge soar out of control! First problem: where can we go camping? And second slightly larger problem: where to buy a tent and sleeping bag in this city where sleeping in the woods/jungle isn’t... Read More

Go EAST: Gibbon Sanctuary

Looking back on Dao Tien Island One weekend we decided to make the motorbike journey over to Cat Tien National Park to do some camping, hiking, and fireside drinking– in the peace of the the jungle & out of the city! I had no clue what we would get ourselves into, and never expected to be as touched as I was while staying at the national park. On our last day we heard from two girls the next tent over about a gibbon sanctuary across the... Read More

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