Homestay in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta

A trip to the Mekong Delta is one of the best things you can do when visiting Vietnam. Except, most travelers go to one of the dozens of travel agencies in the backpacker’s district and pay too much for a trip that makes you feel like you’re apart of herd of cattle being roped from one place to the next. We’ve been to the Delta a few times and have finally figured out the secret to the BEST TRIP you can take there! The answer is,... Read More

Nepal’s Top 5

We spent one wonderful month in Nepal and although India was great, it was so hard at times and really made me wonder whether or not I was over going on long backpacking trips with sleepless nights curled up on train station floors, insanely long travel hours on broken down buses/trains, and so forth. However, Nepal confirmed that I still love being a dirty backpacker! We both went straight back to loving every minute we were there, not wanting... Read More

Photo Friday: Vibrant Indian Jewels in Varanasi

  Colorful jewelry on the banks of Ganges   Indian markets are a kaleidoscopic flash of colors ranging right through the rainbow. In Varanasi local jewellers line the banks of the Ganges to sell their bright beads & jazzy gems. With the bustle of boats & pilgrims in the holy waters behind there’s a vibrant scene at Varanasi.    Read More

Photo Friday: Kerala Backwaters… Mirror or Mirage?

  Kerala’s Backwaters mirroring the paradisic palm trees lining their banks   There’s a lot of hype surrounding a tour on Kerala’s Famous Backwaters and our four-hour canoe ride through the narrowing canals didn’t disappoint in the slightest. Drifting through canals lined with beautiful palm trees, passing by local villagers who call the calming waters home. We floated along as the villagers carried on with their... Read More

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