Top 5 Destinations in America

1. Orlando, FL Holidays to Florida will never fail to impress! Orlando easily makes our list as one of our favourite places to visit in the US. Disney World can make anyone feel like a kid again, you can’t deny the excitement at your first sighting of Mickey! Apart from Disney, Busch Gardens and Universal Studios are also must visit parks. Busch Gardens has great roller coasters and an impressive zoo, while Universal Studio’s movie themed... Read More

Christmas in New York City

Rockefeller Plaza at Christmas is incredible NYC is one of the best places in the world to visit during the holiday season, but prices to travel there during Christmas can be fairly high. There is a way to soak up the Christmas spirit without having to have a huge budget. In early January there are significant discounts on airline tickets and hotels in the big apple. During the first week of January NYC is still in full holiday swing and visitors... Read More

Christmas in the Philippines

It was our first white Christmas, without any snow, but sand! We jetsetted to Boracay, Philippines for a week of relaxing, boozing, and fun. Boracay is the Koh Phangan (minus the buckets of liquor!) of the Philippines, where foreigner travelers come to party all night long. Boracay’s claim to fame is it’s 4km stretch of white beach. It ranks in many top travel magazines as one of the best beaches in the world. The sand really is SO WHITE and... Read More

Christmas on the Slopes

Christmas this year was definitely a first. One, I’ve never been away from my family on Christmas and two, I never thought I’d spend it at a ski resort in Korea. At least it was a white Christmas! Somehow we managed to get 14 people to YongPyong Ski Resort & squeezed into two ondol rooms (ondol= no beds, floor mats). YongPyong is Korea’s “claim to fame” when it comes to skiing. It’s nothing too special,... Read More

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