Nightlife in Arequipa

View at Sunset from Restaurant on the Roof Arequipa nightlife often gets overlooked because it doesn’t come anywhere close to comparing in size to Lima, but Arequipa is a place not to be missed! Aside from the BEAUTY of the city with volcanoes towering in the distance and the white bricks reflecting bright orange sunsets every night, travelers can have a great night bar hopping along Calle San Francisco. In our four months living here the... Read More

Travel Plan: A Weekend in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has an incredible reputation. Giant hotels, gambling galore, & non-stop shows. After a recent trip to Sin City, we discovered the hype is all true!! With 2 nights & 1 full day to explore, we found a cheap hotel 5oom off the strip and hit the town. Friday Night – Fremont Street If you want a cheaper night out in Vegas, the old downtown at Fremont Street is the place to be. Table stakes are as cheap as, club entry... Read More

Saigon’s Nightlife: Our Top 10 Bars

Life as an expat in Saigon to put it simply… is awesome. People living here are so spoiled with the bars, restaurants, and clubs. Most people traveling here get stuck in the bright lights, cheap booze, and party scene at Pham Ngu Lao. Which is GREAT, we’ve spent plenty of nights drowning away in buckets in the backpacker’s district… but here’s a list of some other great bars around district 1 that are worth checking... Read More

Our Top 10 Korean Experiences

Our Top 10 Korean Experiences: 10. Korean Pop Music Concert KPOP. No one living in Korea can deny the catchy tunes. It didn’t take long before we were shamefully downloading the bodacious beats, dancing to them, and planning to go to a concert. We got tickets to the mother of all KPOP concerts. It turned out to be a 6 hour event with over 10 headlining artists. As everything in Korea, the concert was completely over the top. It was easily... Read More

Hiking Mt. Munsu & Soju

Who doesn’t love walking into work to learn you have tomorrow off for some random emergency, test, physical, or ceremony. Whatever the reason is I love it.  I guarantee it happens more here than any other job in the world. Yes, in the world. Founder’s Day. Hallelujah, no school, first sunny day in weeks, and the added bonus of snow still lying around from the day before. What to do? Check out Mt. Munsu, right in my backyard (sort of). Koreans... Read More

Koh Phangan: Pharty-ngan!

Koh Phangan has one thing it’s known for… – The FULL MOON Party. It’s a M_A_S_S_I_V_E night out, so big that it has world-wide acclamation & people actually travel half the globe just for this one night of mayhem. The party is held on the beach at Haad Rai & is attended by 8-10,000 people every month. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Nicky & I could only make a HALF-MOON which is slightly smaller in terms of numbers... Read More

Off-roading in Koh Tao

Our original departure point to reach Koh Tao was Krabi… BUT due to our visa cock-up we had to go via Burma / Myanmar… whatever it’s called!… & then head to Chumphon to catch a boat out to the island. We FINALLY reached Chumphon 15 hours, 2 buses, a boat, a country, a pickup truck & a taxi after leaving Krabi that same morning. We stayed the night at the only open guesthouse, finally shutting our eyes at 1am, ready... Read More

Sihanoukville: A respite of relaxation

So, we left the crazy extremities of Phnom Pehn for the quieter beach town of Sihanoukville. We arrived after another rough ride on Cambodian bus travel & found a hostel of bungalows to stay in. A 2 minute sprightly stroll from the long sandy beach in one direction, & a 2 minute jestful jaunt the other way led us to the bars & clubs. A central location for boozing & bathing… perfect. The following morning we made the... Read More

Tubing in the Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng. One of a kind place. Party Goers Paradise. Sex, Drugs, and… Tubing.   People rave about Vang Vieng anywhere you go in South East Asia. The “Tubing In the Vang Vieng, Laos” T-Shirt is everywhere. Some try to avoid the place as if their life depends on it. There aim to stay far away from smelly backpackers, ‘American Loud Mouths’ or ‘Horny British it’s My Gap Year Boys’. Avoiding the people... Read More

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