Photo Friday: A Jumping Spider At Night

  A scary looking… & even scarier named Jumping Spider in the Amazon   On the northern edge of the Amazon River basin, Cuyabeno in Ecuador is an awesome, accessible place to see wildlife of all walks of life. We took a “Night-Hike” through the dense vegetation, feeling our way through the forest. There were tonnes of creeping critters, including A LOT of Jumping Spiders. We started off getting quite close to these guys…... Read More

Photo Friday: Saki Monkey-ing Around

  A Saki Monkey hanging out in Cuyabeno, Ecuador   Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve in Ecuador is teeming with nature! On the northern edge of the Amazon river basin, the area is dense with rainforest & ideal for primates like the Saki Monkey. We spotted this one hanging out above our boat before we’d even got to our lodge! Watching these Saki Monkeys swing from branch to branch above the river was one of my favourite moments in Ecuador…... Read More

Photo Friday: Setting Sail At Sunset

  A Cute Kid in Cuyabeno Trying to Sail off into the Sunset   This kid was the son of our guide in Cuyabeno, Ecuador’s best bit of rainforest. He would get so mad if we left him at the resort he ended up coming with us on the boat every day!   This was our little sunset swimming hole… with piranhas 10 metres to the left & cayman alligators 20 metres to the right!!… Still a beautiful spot amongst the flooded river... Read More

Photo Friday: Quilotoa Crater Lake

  Ecuador’s green as can be Quilotoa Crater Lake   The Quilotoa Loop is one of Ecuador’s BEST hiking routes. This largely undeveloped region lets you travel back to in time to Ecuador’s rural past. And at the heart of it, the gorgeously green, but shockingly lifeless, Quilotoa Crater Lake.   If you want to visit this hiker’s dream though you better do it soon! Being home to the country’s charismatic President,... Read More

Guest Post: Year-round luxury on the Galapagos Islands

Taking a luxury holiday to Galapagos is on many people list of places to see before they die. The islands are perfect for visiting all year round – their proximity to the Equator meaning that the weather stays relatively similar throughout the year. One of the first UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the islands of the Galapagos are noted for their remoteness, their unusual and friendly wildlife, and the part they played in history following the visit... Read More

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