Guest Post: Travelling Cheaply in Europe

Europe is not renowned for its affordability, but this diverse continent contains so much to see – such a great variety of climates, cultures, moods and foods within only a few hours of each other. It seems a shame to overlook it, and there are ways to see Europe without bankrupting yourself. From playing off your InterRail pass against cheap car hire – letting you go where you want without paying over the odds for it – to avoiding... Read More

Snowdon: Small but Stormy

Snowdon. Wales tallest mountain. 3,550 feet. We were told “It’s a GREAT hike! You’ll love it, the view from the top is beautiful. It’s an easy 3 hour walk, no problem for the two of you.” Oh, how wrong our friends and family were! Rewind the story to Cardiff and 5 people piling into a car with bags everywhere for a 4 day road trip around the Welsh countryside. Gale force winds, sleet, and zero visibility were not apart... Read More

Guest Post: Checking out cheap holidays in Turkey

Families, couples, individuals and groups of friends from the UK are all blessed when it comes to excellent holiday options, whatever kind of trip they’re looking for. The coastal regions and the islands around the Mediterranean are undeniably awesome places to spend a week or so in the sun but when it comes to cheap holidays Turkey has a massive amount to offer as well. The beaches around the Turkish Riviera are every bit as impressive as... Read More

Guest Post: Uncovering Real Majorca

Majorca holidays are famous for partying, beaches and shopping: so much so that the island’s other charms often get forgotten about. There’s more to Majorca than what meets the eye, however, and if you’re willing to venture beyond the safety of the resorts you’ll uncover a wealth of hidden treasures. The first of Majorca’s hidden treats might seem like the least hidden thing about the island, but for all its size many people never take... Read More

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