Guest Post: 3 Ways To Make Flying More Enjoyable For Kids

  It’s time to take the kids to see Grandma on the West Coast. That means a fairly long plane flight. Remember the days when you didn’t have kids and you boarded a plane? It wasn’t a big thrill to see a Mom with a couple of kids come on board. Now some people are going to react to you the same way. The best thing you can do is keep the kids happy and quiet. What can a parent do to make the plane flight more enjoyable for the kids? Here... Read More

Escape From Lukla

/* PausePlayPlayPrev|Next The clouds creep in AGAIN at Lukla Soaring passed the snowy peaks Our tiny toy-like plane in Ramechhap's illustrious air...field Our pilots in profile Ramechhap Airport...?! After 12 days of trekking up & down the Khumbu valley we were exhausted. Thoughts of steaks, beer & a shower had crept in & we were ecstatic to return to Lukla & fly back to Kathmandu. We had... Read More

Kathmandu to Lukla – Sprawl to Scenic to Scary

/* PausePlayPlayPrev|Next Kathmandu's urban sprawl from the sky Flying close-up in the Kathmandu Valley Flowing or Frozen?! The stupidly small runaway at Tenzing-Hillary Airport, Lukla Take off at Tenzing-Hillary Airport Cultivation Contours in the Valley Side   After an early morning arrival at Kathmandu’s small scale domestic airport we FINALLY boarded our tiny plane… 4 HOURS LATE! Our tiny... Read More

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