Guest Post: 2 Locations. 2 Tales. 2 Unforgettable Experiences

  I’m not a nomad in the least bit of sense but I do love to travel. Within the last few years I’ve had the privilege of doing slow travel across countries like Japan, Thailand, Germany, Netherlands, and, of course, the United States. I know others have done far more. I want to share two of these stories from two of the locations. Each was unforgettable.   THE MOST MIND BOGGLING EDM EVENT YET I love electronic music festivals. I would say... Read More

Guest Post: Where To Go For The Perfect Continental Caravan Christmas

  If there’s one major benefit to travelling in a caravan it’s the simple beauty and freedom of the open road. Many of us spend the winter months hibernating in our homes, but if you crave adventure and excitement then the chillier months can be the perfect time to travel. Spending Christmas abroad can reawaken the magic of the season, so now is the ideal time to pack up your warmest jumpers, get behind the wheel and follow the sleigh bells... Read More

Guest Post: 3 Ways To Make Flying More Enjoyable For Kids

  It’s time to take the kids to see Grandma on the West Coast. That means a fairly long plane flight. Remember the days when you didn’t have kids and you boarded a plane? It wasn’t a big thrill to see a Mom with a couple of kids come on board. Now some people are going to react to you the same way. The best thing you can do is keep the kids happy and quiet. What can a parent do to make the plane flight more enjoyable for the kids? Here... Read More

Guest Post: 10 Things You MUST Do When In London

  OK, so we know 10 things doesn´t sound like very many for a hustling and bustling city like London, but if you´re planning a trip to the ´Big Smoke´ and are finding it just a tad difficult deciding what to do and what to give a miss, then look no further. No matter what your budget or whether you´re a couple, family with kids or travelling solo, we´re sure this list has something for every type of tourist.   1. Take A Sightseeing... Read More

Guest Post: America’s Top 3 Autumnal Attractions

  America is a year-round destination, but there are some destinations that come into their own come the autumn months. Car hire in America is inexpensive and easily arranged, so there’s no excuse for not getting out and about this fall to discover some of the country’s top autumnal attractions. Here are three of the best. Autumn in New England is legendary, and for good reason. The autumn foliage in this East Coast region is absolutely spectacular,... Read More

Guest Post: Where To Travel For Public Holiday Celebrations

  Some destinations simply know how to celebrate certain public holidays better than anywhere else, so here’s our travel guide to where you should go to enjoy these special occasions in style.   Independence Day (USA)   This public holiday might be restricted to the USA, but the celebrations which accompany it are known around the world, meaning that tourists often flock to the States to join in the fun. As you might expect, the capital... Read More

Guest Post: Planning a Holiday to Maldives

  There are 1192 islets located along the equator 700 km off the coast of Sri Lanka and south of the Lakshadweep islands of India, they have been grouped into a total of 26 atolls. A total of 200 islands are inhabited out of the 1192 islets. These islets are what form the famous holiday destination Maldives. There are very many things that you can go and see there and also involve yourself in some thrilling and fun activities. The obvious ones... Read More

Guest Post: Why Diving Enthusiasts Do Not Want To Miss Out On A Diving Borneo Experience

  Borneo is not among the most renowned scuba diving destinations in Malaysia and the rest of the world. It is, in fact, the world’s third largest island and is situated in Maritime Southeast Asia, right at the centre. Although only part of the island is in East Malaysia, but its offshore islands are fabulously beautiful. Borneo is well-known as the perfect destination for scruba diving, wall diving, wreck diving, as well as for the macro... Read More

Guest Post: Southern Maine – A True Vacationland

    When summer hits, there’s no better way to relax and unwind than to plan an ocean-side vacation. Southern Maine may not be an obvious choice for those who are unfamiliar with the area, but it’s difficult to find a more beautiful area to visit during the hottest months of the year.   Why Southern Maine? Southern Maine has it all. In addition to having one of the most hospitable climates in the country, you’ll find... Read More

Guest Post: Best International Destination Locations

  There are many must-see places internationally that you just can’t pass up for a vacation location. Here’s a list of best travel destinations that are worth every dollar not only because of the experience, but the sight alone is breath taking. Keli Mutu, Indonesia Indonesia is the home of a great deal of tourist attractions beginning with the Kelimutu volcano. It may sound dangerous but don’t jump yet! The Kelimutu volcano is a... Read More

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