Guest Post: 5 Girls On Tour – A Quick Guide To Amsterdam

  Prowling Amsterdam with your gal pals is tons of fun, but given the rather bawdy nature flowing from the legal Red Light District it does make sense to avoid the rougher parts of town and aim for establishments that have respectful attitude towards women while still providing an awesome playground to have some fun. Check out some girl-friendly accommodations for your trip that get great reviews on, and you’ll have a head... Read More

Our BEST Accommodations!

Over the years, we’ve stayed in some real dives!… But, every now & then we get lucky & stay somewhere incredible, or plan it this way because we’ve felt fed up with dirty dumps & just need a space of small luxury, if even for a day or two. So, here are our top 5 accommodations, from basic huts in paradise, to flashy hotels in megalopolises!   1. Blissful Beach Hut – Koh Ru, Cambodia Just a short boat... Read More

Travel at its Best: Our Worst Accommodations

When you are traveling for weeks on end there is little doubt you’re going to get some highs & lows in the places you stay… especially if you’re on a budget!! We’ve experienced some incredible accommodations along the way… & on the other hand, we’ve had some real DUMPS!  Traveling on a budget, means no white fuzzy robes or room service. We typically spend $5-$15 a night on a room. Most South America and... Read More

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