7 Experiences that made us ask, “Why Do We Travel Again?!”

Travel isn’t always so fun loving and carefree. Between all of the beautiful places you visit and smiling faces you meet there are countless hours spent on planes, trains, buses, horrific bathroom experiences, and situations that make you think, “Is traveling worth it?”, “Maybe it’s time to go home?” But than the next day we’ll meet some extraordinary person or visit an amazing city we’ve never been... Read More

Life in Saigon

Life in Saigon. Crazy. Off the wall. Zany. Confusing. Congested. Frantic. Dirty. Exciting. Video Courtesy of: Robert Whitworth I find myself laughing everyday at this place I’ve been calling home the last 12 months. Do I actually live here? I can’t believe it most days! Why? Why do I find myself in shock that I live in Vietnam’s largest, most populated, ‘liberal’ city? Saigon is like your crazy uncle or cousin. The one... Read More

Life on the Trail to Everest

Our life on the TRAIL to EVEREST, 9 days up & 3 days down:  A really nice, top of the line, 5 star tea house toilet consists of squatting on top of a missing floorboard and having the pleasure of covering up the mess with leaves laying in the corner. The ones without leaves were just rancid! Compost is key. I SERIOUSLY smelled. Anytime I put my sweatshirt on I nearly knocked myself out with the sudden waft of stench. Baby wipes were my... Read More

ONLY in India…!

India is a country that stands out all on its own. It felt more like visiting Mars to me than a place on planet Earth. It’s colorful. The people have huge personalities. The lack of hygiene. Anything goes. We would stop, stare, jaw-dropped open, gawk, point, and never believe our eyes or the sites, sounds, and smells around us. When I say anything goes, I mean ANYTHING. We were the ONLY wide-eyed, bewildered looking fools around. To the rest... Read More

A Peak Inside A New Delhi Emergency Room

Day 2 of our “Incredible India” trip found us waiting around in the big buzzing capital city’s ER. Definitely not a place either of us had checked off on our sites to see. It all started with a sneaky beer, a little bit of rain, slippery flip-flops, marble stairs, a Sikh temple, and Rhys Farrow. Poor Guy. For our first real night in India, we met a few travelers and even found our own Indian tour guide for a little exploration of... Read More

Koreans & English: Golden Answers

The last few weeks I have had the ‘pleasure’ of grading my students in a speaking test. Every single student in grade 1 & 2 of my school had to sit down with me for about 3 minutes & answer 2 questions about topics we’ve covered in class. The answers I’ve heard have been varied to say the least!! Some of them are nothing short of golden… & by golden, I mean ridiculous! Question: What do you think about... Read More

Korean Kouples

At home it’s a sin to even think about leaving your house dressed the same as your girlfriend or boyfriend. You’d be a fashion screw up & way to ‘cute-sey’ on the couple front. However, Korean couples absolutely love dressing the same. It’s not just a matching shirt though. Oh, no. It’s an entire matching outfit. Same faded jeans, same shoes, socks, baseball hat, t-shirt, and jumper. They might as well pee... Read More

Korean Kids Say the Darnest Things

A list of the things my students say to me…. only things that would be said by Korean students, of course. For one of my classes the kids were making up their own Harry Potter Spells and Potions. One boy made up a spell called, “Kill All the Japs.” The girl students always ask, “Teacher, why is your hair yellow and mine black?” Rhys had his students tell him, “Your arms are like Ostrich Eggs!” In... Read More

WEIRD Signs, ‘say-what?!’

English Signs in Asia that make no freaking sense. They’re everywhere. No escaping it. Here are some of my favorites… & Thank God you don’t.   This sign is EVERYWHERE in Korea. Even if you can swim, who would ever dare to swim in deep water? It’d be like sentencing yourself to death.   Aren’t all boys jealous that girls and ladyboys are always getting so many things cheaper? Must get annoying.     Read... Read More

in my eyes… now.

  “Oh, just cleaning the roof…” it’s 3:10pm, if you were here, sitting at my desk in Samho Middle, this is what you’d be looking at right NOW.           me: “Why is there a student climbing through that window?!?” teacher: “Oh, he just has to clean all the food off from the day.”         Basically, the kids totally trash school and are forced to clean it. So it is fine for this crazy... Read More

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